UK hot weather: Britain to be hotter than Spain as maps show blistering 25C heat blast

Man sunbathing in London/weather chart

The south and southeast are expected to hit the mid-twenties

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 04/10/2023

- 10:49

An 'unreasonably warm spell' will make the UK hotter than Barcelona and Ibiza

The UK is set to enjoy soaring highs of up to 25C this weekend, making the country warmer than classic holiday destinations such as Barcelona and Ibiza.

The south and southeast are expected to be in the mid-twenties, the Met Office has said.

Britain’s “unreasonably warm spell” will make it hotter than many popular Spanish holiday hot spots.

However, in the northwest and Wales, mild temperatures mixed with showers are expected over the coming days.

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In Scotland and Northern Ireland, temperatures will be lower however the sun will still make an appearance.

Stephen Dixon, a Met Office spokesperson, said: “An unseasonably warm spell is likely for those in the south of the UK as we head towards the weekend.

“That being said, in the next couple of days there are periods of rain moving in from the west on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

“There is some rain around as we move through the working week, perhaps those furthest south in England escaping some of those showers.


Red weather map

Parts of the UK will hit 25C


“In the southeast over the weekend we could be getting up to 25C, possibly touching 26C in some spots, and feeling relatively pleasant in that sunshine through the weekend in the south with some good spells of sunshine likely as well.”

The UK’s unusual warm weather spell has been called an “Indian Summer” - a late burst of warm weather that occurs in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

The warm temperatures are shocking many Brits who were expecting a cooler Autumn.

Meteorological autumn began on September 23, yet the temperatures still remain unusually high.

Barcelona in Spain

The UK is set to be hotter than Barcelona this weekend


In the UK, the average temperature for October is around 13C.

Jim Dale, a meteorologist for the Met Office, said that the heatwave could last for days, stretching even until mid-October.

“I think we can fairly call this an Indian Summer incoming - it will be peaking this time next week, but it will still be pretty good to the halfway stage of October. About 25C tops next Sunday is my call,” he told the Express.

The hot weather comes after parts of the UK were battered by Storm Agnes last week.

The storm caused havoc across the UK, with up to 80mph winds resulting in travel chaos and power failures.

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