Holidaymakers in Malta warned as scams targeting Britons are increasing in the beautiful Mediterranean hotspot

Malta beach

Britons in Malta have been given advice

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 29/05/2024

- 09:37

Updated: 29/05/2024

- 09:59

Holidaymakers in Malta have been urged to take precautions today

Malta is favoured among tourists for beautiful views and over 300 days of sunshine a year, but those in the country right now have been issued a travel warning.

Demonstrations are likely to take place today which is something people should be aware of. This comes as holidaymakers have been warned of a growing scam risk.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) warned Britons: "There may be demonstrations near the Courts of Justice in Republic Street in Valletta on 28 and 29 May.

"Demonstrations in Malta are rare and generally peaceful. In the event of a demonstration, visitors should take sensible precautions and avoid crowds."

Boats in Malta

Malta is generally a safe place to visit


The FCDO added the protests should be peaceful and Malta is not generally a dangerous place to visit but warned "no travel can be guaranteed safe".

It said there is a growing risk of scams targetting British tourists in the country which could leave them out of pocket.

It said: "Scams targeting British nationals are increasing. These come in many forms (romance and friendship, business ventures, work and employment opportunities) and can pose financial risk to victims.

"Be cautious about any requests for money, a job offer, a business venture or a face to face meeting from someone you have been in correspondence with over the internet."

In general, the FCDO said crime against tourists in Malta is "rare" but holidaymakers should be aware of "robberies, handbag snatching, pickpocketing and theft from parked cars".

It continued: "Be vigilant when exchanging money and using ATMs and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

"Do not carry all your valuables in one place, and remember to keep a photocopy or scanned copy of your passport somewhere safe.

Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

Protests have taken place in Palma


"Thieves target crowded buses during the summer season. Always keep sight of valuables."

Britons have been warned of going to another popular Mediterranean spot recently as anti-tourist demonstrations take place in parts of Spain.

Last weekend, protestors took to the streets of Palma and Ibiza urging tourists to "go home".

Despite this, the number of Britons going to Spain has increased with more booking holidays to the country this summer than in 2023.

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