Expats in Spain share what 'shocked' them when they moved to Seville - 'it made me raise my own standards'

Expats in Spain share what 'shocked' them when they moved to Seville - 'it made me raise my own standards'

Expat in Spain shares the worst thing about moving to the European country

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 18/05/2024

- 15:10

Seville is a stylish city where the residents take pride in their fashion choices

Moving to a different country can certainly come with its difficulties. From learning a new language to understanding new customs to getting used to the bureaucracy, there can be a lot to get used to.

An expat shared one of the "biggest culture shocks" she experienced when she moved to Spain. According to one American in Spain, the Spanish always look put together and glam.

Em from YouTube's emlanguages said: "The people here dress so well." The expat explained that sometimes she just wants to dress casually and go out in a tracksuit.

However, people in Spain typically dress very well and make an effort when they go out.

Jessie from emlanguages / Seville

Those moving to Seville might want to dig out their best clothes

YouTube / emlanguages / GETTY IMAGES

Jessie, a fellow expat in Spain, added that he noticed this especially in Seville. He added: "Out in the country it's not really like that as much I've noticed."

Emma said: "In the north too it's not as much - there's a little bit more of that grunge, hippy kind of fit. But here people are very elegant."

Jessie admitted that living in Seville helped raise his style game, as he wanted to keep up with the fashionable Spaniards. He said: "It's kind of something I needed to raise my own standards."

Indeed, Culture Trip said that "Seville has some great fashion hotspots you won’t want to miss".

The travel experts here added: "It’s broadly speaking true that sartorial tastes in the Andalusian capital tend towards the classically smart rather more so than elsewhere in the region."

Emma added that the women in Seville can often be spotted wearing heels when walking down the street.

But the downside of living in a city so stylish is that you might feel under pressure to dress up too.

Speaking about the women who wear heels when going about their day-to-day business, Jessie said: "It's kind of like a sacrifice for you to wear high heels everywhere - that's got to hurt after a while.

"So many women hurt their feet. So many women have feet that are just swollen and sore, but they look great."

The expats added that the "Spanish time" was another "culture shock", explaining that it's not a very punctual place.



'There people here dress so well - they are very elegant'


For example, if you agree to meet someone at 11:30am, expect to see them at around 11:45am.

Expat Jessie advised that if punctuality is important to you, Spain's relaxed attitude to time is "something you've got to get used to".

Another expat in Spain shared why moving here "might not be for you", issuing a "crowds" warning to others.

A third expat in Spain shared the "common regret" of moving to the European country, urging others not to fall into a healthcare "trap".

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