‘Ridiculous' to ban rugby for under 18s says former England fly-half Andy Goode

‘Ridiculous' to ban rugby for under 18s says former England fly-half Andy Goode
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 09/02/2024

- 09:12

Former England fly-half Andy Goode has hit back at claims that rugby should not be played by anyone under 18, saying ‘academics should get back in their box.’

Goode, who was capped 17 times for England, said he believed ‘the benefits far outweighed the risks’ and that the game has never been safer.

Speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News Andy Goode said:

“First and foremost, rugby is an amazing game for kids, for adults, whether you’re an amateur or a professional. Also some of the benefits you get from a team sport and the values in rugby teaches you whatever level you get to, how it is an amazing sport.

“So that's the first thing we need to harness and keep hold of. Yes, I understand these academics are talking about the issues with head injuries and for them to come out and say you shouldn't be playing rugby under the age of 18 is absolutely ridiculous.

“Take no notice of that; the benefits far outweigh the dangers and yes there are dangers in any sport, in any walk of life.

“You go onto a rugby field and it's a collision sport, a contact sport. You can find space but you know there’s going to be collisions, there are going to be injuries at times and that's part of the beauty of playing.

“It's trying to win a game of rugby and we've gone away a little bit from that. I've got a nephew who plays, and they don't keep score now; they’re not allowed to keep score and they’re not allowed to know who's won. I find that baffling because life is about winning and losing and learning from both.

“For the academics to come out and talk about child abuse and try and get rugby banned, I think they need to get back in their box and go away.

“It's a brilliant game that we need to play more of. The game’s never been safer in terms of how players looked after and that's the key.”


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