Roy Keane allegedly 'provoked Arsenal fans' before Man Utd legend was headbutted

Roy Keane Arsenal Man Utd

Roy Keane was reportedly headbutted as Arsenal beat Man Utd on Sunday

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 05/09/2023

- 12:02

The 52-year-old is in the spotlight following Sunday's dramatic match at the Emirates Stadium

Roy Keane has been accused of provoking Arsenal fans before he was headbutted on Sunday.

The Manchester United legend was working for Sky Sports when a man allegedly attacked him at the Emirates Stadium.

Police have since confirmed they have arrested a 42-year-old man on suspicion of assault.

And The Sun say friends of the man, who broke his nose while attempting a headbutt, claim Keane was 'provoking' Arsenal fans.

Roy Keane Arsenal Man Utd

Roy Keane was working for Sky Sports during Arsenal's victory over Man Utd at the Emirates Stadium


“Keane was giving it to the Arsenal fans when United scored, and it wound some up," they alleged.

"He seemed to be provoking them."

They added: "He [the man who was assaulted] broke his nose and Keane didn’t seem to be hurt at all, just a bit shaken up.”

Another supporter who reportedly witnessed the incident is quoted as saying: “The fan seemingly tried to headbutt Roy Keane.

“Micah Richards stepped in and pushed the fan back against the door. I heard the altercation and I was shocked to see the individuals involved.”

Micah Richards works with Keane at Sky and the pair have struck up a close friendship in recent years.

The former Manchester City star was seen grabbing a man by his collar in footage that was shared on social media.

Keane and Richards both resumed their punditry duties after the incident in north London.

Sky said Richards was attempting to 'diffuse' the situation.

And they're now set to beef up security for its pundits and presenters for the rest of the season to avoid similar incidents from taking place.

Richards was asked about the headbutt while working on the The Rest is Football podcast with Match of the Day pundits Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

Lineker asked: “One of us had an interesting weekend, Micah, you were in the news?”

Richards then responded by saying: “Oh my word. Gary, I’m not allowed to talk about it.”

Shearer weighed in with: “I think the common opinion is don’t f*** with Big Meeks (Richards)!”

And Richards continued to stay coy by saying: “No comment. I plead the Fifth (Amendment)!”

One witness told the Daily Express that blood was left on the floor following the argument in the Highbury Bar.

"The incident occurred shortly before the 90th-minute mark in the Highbury Bar for platinum members," they said.

"The fan seemingly tried to head-butt Roy Keane.

"I then saw a mark between his eyebrows. Micah Richards stepped in and pushed the fan back against the door."

They continued: "Richards was very forceful at keeping the fan from attacking Keane and neither their security nor the door security could split the two apart. Keane was asking nearby staff to call the police.


Micah Richards

Micah Richards refused to discuss the Roy Keane incident when quizzed by Gary Lineker


"Additional security was called in and Richards and Keane followed until the fan was escorted downstairs via the escalator out of the building.

"Presumably, Keane and Richards then returned to their Sky Sports duties via the exit that they came in through next to where the video is shown.

"Afterwards, we noticed a small amount of blood on the floor on the route where the fan was led out.

"Seems like Micah Richards was acting as Roy Keane's bodyguard."

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