Lionel Messi cheating allegations explained after claims football icon had affair

Lionel Messi Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi has been accused of cheating on wife Antonella Roccuzzo

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 27/11/2023

- 11:43

The football icon has been with wife Antonella Roccuzzo ever since 2007

Over the weekend, reports in Brazil sensationally claimed Lionel Messi had cheated on his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo.

The pair have known each other since they were young children, having first met in their hometown of Rosario.

Messi and Roccuzzo tied the knot in 2017 and have three children together named Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

There has never been any scandals to surround the couple, with the duo happily married and currently residing in America.

Lionel Messi Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi has known wife Antonella Roccuzzo ever since the age of five


However, over the weekend, they were subject to mischievous gossip.

Brazilian outlet Direto Do Miolo posted to X on Friday that Messi and Roccuzzo's relationship was facing its 'biggest crisis' to date.

They said Messi had had an affair, while also saying their marriage was close to being over as a result.

The football icon, they allege, cheated on Roccuzzo with an Argentinean journalist.

The journalist in question is someone who has interviewed the 36-year-old on a number of occasions over the years.

However, it appears there's currently nothing behind the rumours.

Direto Do Miolo quoted Spanish sources that seem to be non-existent, which makes a mockery of their serious allegations.

And Cesc Fabregas' wife Daniella Semaan, who is close to the Messi family, has also shut down the rumours.

Fabregas and Messi have also known each other since their younger years, having both been part of Barcelona's La Masia academy before becoming team-mates for the senior side.

"What publication is this that has no meaning.. and has nothing right," Semaan said on social media.

It is currently unclear if Messi is planning to address the rumours over his personal life.

The journalist who Messi is accused of being with previously paid tribute to the football icon prior to the World Cup final between Argentina and France.

She put normalities aside to wax lyrical over the football icon, with her speech going viral as a result.

"The last thing I want to tell you, and is not a question, but I just wanted to say; the World Cup final is coming and sure, we all [Argentinians] want to win the Cup," she said.

"I just want to tell you that no matter the results, there's something that no one can take from you and that is the fact you resonated with Argentinians, every single one. I'm being serious.

"There's no kid who doesn't have your team shirt.

"No matter if it is a fake, real or made up one.

"Truly, you made your mark in everyone's life and that to me is beyond winning any World Cup.

"No one can take that from you and this is my gratitude for such amount of happiness you bring to a lot of people.

"I seriously hope you take these words into your heart because I really believe that's more important than winning a World Cup and you already have it, so thank you captain."

Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez previously said she had slept with Messi after a party.


Lionel Messi football

Lionel Messi won the World Cup with Argentina last winter


It is not known, though, whether he was with Roccuzzo at the time.

Gonzalez insisted bedding Messi was like being with a 'dead body'.

Again, however, there's nothing to confirm her claims.

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