Wayne Rooney makes surprising Susan Boyle admission and reveals shock at playing golf with Donald Trump

Wayne Rooney makes surprising Susan Boyle admission and reveals shock at playing golf with Donald Trump

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 28/05/2024

- 09:54

Updated: 28/05/2024

- 10:00

The Manchester United and Everton icon has opened up on his playing days

Wayne Rooney has revealed he used to listen to Susan Boyle before matches during his playing days.

The Manchester United and Everton icon enjoyed a terrific career, winning five Premier League titles and every other major trophy before retiring from football in 2021.

Rooney was recently confirmed as the new manager of Plymouth, with the 38-year-old poised to return to the dugout after his sacking from Birmingham back in January.

For now he's becoming a regular fixture on The Overlap, the Sky Sports show that also includes Roy Keane and Gary Neville.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has opened up on his playing days


In the latest episode, Rooney was asked what music he'd listen to prior to games.

And the new Plymouth boss surprisingly revealed he enjoyed listening to Boyle.

"I'd normally get on the massage bed, and I'd actually put Susan Boyle on," he said.

"It just helped me settle down – only for that little bit of time I was on the massage bed."

Boyle soared to fame back in 2009 after appearing as a contestant on ITV"s Britain's Got Talent.

She has since sold over 25 million albums worldwide, while also racking up 250 million audio streams and over 650 million YouTube hits.

Back in 2011, Rooney said he thought Boyle's voice was 'amazing'.

"I think her voice is amazing, I listen to her before a game when I have a massage," he said.

And, in 2010, he said: "I have a playlist I listen to before games.

"And, for some reason, I have been listening to Susan Boyle immediately before the last few games.

"Her album is very good and it relaxes me."

He added: "When we're in the hotel before we go for our pre-match meal, I always put the Stereophonics on.

"Then in the dressing room before games, I tend to listen to more relaxing music like Susan Boyle.

"A lot of the foreign lads listen to rap music, which is okay, but before a game I don't really enjoy listening to that."

Meanwhile, Rooney also said his red card for England against Portugal at the 2006 World Cup was the worst moment of his career.


Susan Boyle

Wayne Rooney says he used to love listening to Susan Boyle


The forward was dismissed for a stamp on Ricardo Carvalho, with Rooney left seething in the aftermath.

England went on to exit the competition after losing on penalties.

And Rooney said: "The red card in the World Cup was my lowest moment in football.

"That was a difficult one because I remember going in the dressing room and thinking, if we go through, I'm suspended for the semi-Final and final if we get there.

"If we don't, it's your fault. It was horrible."

Donald Trump

Wayne Rooney was shocked while playing golf with Donald Trump


And Rooney also revealed he once played golf with Donald Trump, too.

"(The most famous person I've played golf with is) Donald Trump," he said.

"The maddest thing about it was we had [Rudi] Guiliani in the buggy behind us, then there were about 50-100 golf buggies that were all security.

"There was a boat in the lake with snipers, there were snipers in the bushes, and I was like 'what's going on here?!'"

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