Football fans vent their fury after Arsenal issued apology for lack of diversity - 'Ridiculous'

Arsenal Women's team

Arsenal's Women's team were criticised for their lack of diversity

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 24/10/2023

- 12:05

Updated: 24/10/2023

- 12:15

A squad picture of the Gunners' Women's team recently vent viral

Earlier this week, Arsenal apologised for a lack of diversty in their women's team.

A recent picture of their squad went viral, with supporters highlighting a lack of ethnic players in their ranks.

In the Premier League, 33 per cent of players are from black, asian and other minority backgrounds.

That number is considerably lower in the Women's Super League, however, with that figure nearer the 10-15 per cent mark instead.

Arsenal football

Arsenal apologised for their women's team having a lack of diversity


Manager Jonas Eidevall sat front and centre with his smiling players all around him.

But that sparked a backlash and Arsenal have since issued an apology.

"We acknowledge our current women's first-team squad does not reflect the diversity that exists across the club and the communities we represent," the club said, per The Athletic.

"Increasing participation among young women and girls from diverse backgrounds is a key priority for us at academy level, with specific measures in place to improve pathways and accessibility.

"Across all our teams, including our men’s and women’s academies, we’re proud of our players from diverse backgrounds who have contributed to our history, success and culture.

"It’s a priority for the club to continue to drive greater diversity and inclusion and create a sense of belonging for everyone connected to the club."

But football fans on social media have now hit out at Arsenal's apology - insisting the men's team is proof they're a diverse club.

"Arsenal Women having to issue a statement for the lack of diversity is ridiculous," said one user.

They added: "Arsenal are one of the most diverse clubs that there is, the problem is in Women’s football, the pool of players available is what the issue is and nothing to do with the lack of diversity."

Another fan responded by saying: "Totally agree with this, find it ridiculous to be honest that they had to issue a statement after all it's not like they purposely not signing players because of their race or skin colour because asking them to sign based off that would just be ludicrous instead of actual quality."

A third said: "Sorry but can a team just be a team for the players, why has someone chose (sic) a diversity card now?"

Another user stated: "How can a club that has players from 14‼️ different countries say they lack diversity?

"So long as you have people of different backgrounds, you have diversity."

A fifth fan ranted: "So pathetic. Have you seen the men's team?"

Another supporter ranted: "As long as there is equal opportunity, which imagine at grassroots there is now?"

A seventh said: "Did anyone actually complain about this, or did someone in an office decide this was a problem?

"I mean, if there was a club that would be labelled inclusive and diverse, it's Arsenal. This feels like a problem made up for no reason."

And an eighth said: "This is such a joke, how embarrassing."

Arsenal have long been one of the most diverse teams in world and British football.

All the way back in 2006, for a Champions League match against Hamburg, they actually had an XI of players on the field who were all from different countries.


Arsenal football

Arsenal are one of the most diverse clubs in the whole of world football


Arsenal WFC are next in action against Manchester City on Sunday (12.30pm).

They'll go into that game on a high after recent victories over Aston Villa and Bristol City.

As for Mikel Arteta's team, Arsenal are due to lock horns with Sevilla in the Champions League on Tuesday night (8pm).

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