'It's important that she doesn't rush her recovery!' Kate Middleton warned to 'pace it'

'It's important that she doesn't rush her recovery!' Kate Middleton warned to 'pace it'
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 06/06/2024

- 19:59

The Princess of Wales was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and is yet to return to royal duties

Princess Kate is "very keen" to get back to a royal project but has been urged not to "rush her recovery" by a royal commentator.

The Princess of Wales has not undertaken any public engagements in 2024 following her abdominal surgery and cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

The princess's public showings have been sparse with a personal video message announcing her diagnosis being the most significant.

It was reported that Kate has been briefed on a report by her royal charity, the Centre for Early Childhood, which calls for more business investment in children's early years and Levin claimed on GBN America that Kate is keen to ramp up her focus.

Speaking to GBN America, royal biographer Angela Levin warned the future Queen that she needs to "pace herself".

Levin said: "She needs boosting, we all miss her and want her back as soon as possible.

    "She is working on her young children's activities that try and help if they catch things while very young, you can save billions, not just millions, because they will know how to behave, how to be. And she's very keen that that's going ahead.

    "She's read everything there, but she doesn't mean that she's coming back yet. But she is very thrilled with it. So we all have to wish that we do see her."

    "We do miss her because she's lovely and smiley and clever and all those things, and we hope she will come back.

    "But it's doubtful that she will come back until the end of the year."


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