King's decision not to see Harry down to 'loyalty' to working royals, claims Bond

King's decision not to see Harry down to 'loyalty' to working royals, claims Bond
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 09/05/2024

- 18:25

Royal Commentator Jennie Bond has said she was “gobsmacked” that The King and Prince Harry did not meet in London and said she felt it was a decision made on loyalty to The Queen and The Prince and Princess of Wales.

Ms Bond said she felt the decision to appoint Prince William as the Colonel of the Army Air Corps was ‘a message’ to Harry, saying ‘timing is not coincidental’.

Speaking on GB News Jennie Bond said: “I think it very sad Harry, celebrating this incredible achievement of the Invictus Games, has not met his family. There was no-one from the actual family, the Windsor side, but at least he has some Spencer support and approval and I thought that was nice.

“I was, I have to confess, gobsmacked when I learned that there was to be no meeting between Harry and his father. I was sure that they would find a lot of time actually, but never mind a lot of time, at least a chance to have a cup of tea or an evening drink or breakfast together or something. There must have been time in the King’s schedule for that.

“I know he has lots of appointments, it’s true, and I know he’s undergoing cancer treatment, but nevertheless, this is a very pointed statement. I think to Harry: you've made your bed I'm afraid you've got to lie on.

“I think probably it's a sense of loyalty to William and to Catherine and to Camilla, all of whom have been on the sharp end of Harry’s tongue.

“I thought at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, at the funeral of The Queen, surely those would have been occasions for the family to come together. It didn’t happen then, it’s not happening now even with this cancer treatment.

“I think it’s very sad and I must admit in my bones, I feel that Charles should have made time to see his younger son. I know we've talked about loyalty to his nearest and dearest, the working royals, his family. And I know he's probably tired from his treatment.

“But I do think in situations like this, it is up to the parent to be the bigger person and to say, oh my goodness, you've been an absolutely silly sod - and worse – but come here. Let me give you a hug. That's not going to happen.

“Who knows what has happened since he flew over from California and made that fleeting visit to see his father. His father then only had half an hour to see him.

“What has happened since I don't know. I assumed that they'd been having telephone conversations and getting along a bit better but clearly that's not the way that the King feels.

“And yes, when you're undergoing cancer treatment, stress is not a good thing to have. Maybe they all feel that the Harry problem, they've just got to set it on one side. This is not the time.

“But then there was this pointed timing of the appointment of William as Colonel of the Army Air Corps, which was the regiment that Harry served in, where if he had remained a working royal it was fully expected he'll be named as the Colonel.

“As you know, things don't happen by chance. Timing is not coincidental or haphazard in the Royal Family. It does seem to me that that is another message - I wouldn't say snub- but message to Harry. You're not a working Royal. We haven't got time for you and all your problems right now. Maybe in the future, but not now.”


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