Prince Harry called an ‘arch hypocrite!’ by Lady C for Prince’s exclusion of father-in-law

Prince Harry called an ‘arch hypocrite!’ by Lady C for Prince’s exclusion of father-in-law
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 19/09/2023

- 09:02

Lady Colin Campbell has called Prince Harry an ‘arch hypocrite’ over his and Meghan Markle’s treatment of Thomas Markle.

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, the royal commentator reacted to Thomas Markle’s TV appearance on Good Morning Britain, following a near fatal stroke, where he begged to see his daughter and son-in-law.

Dan Wootton asked: “Shouldn't the hypocritical Duke apply the same philosophy that he exposed at the Invictus Games to his dying and ostracized father-in-law?”

Lady C replied: “Well, of course Harry's not going to apply the same principles to his father-in-law that he applies to himself and everybody else, because the man is an arch hypocrite, you know? The fact of the matter is Thomas Markham never did anything wrong at all. Thomas Markle was set up by Jeff Rayner who is a colleague of Meghan's, and everything evolved from that.

“I think that Harry really, and Megan, both have an absolute nerve. The way they have treated her father. I think it's inexcusable and I honestly think they are never going to be forgiven by anybody who appreciates decency. All the rhetoric that they can come up with me is absolutely meaningless because actions speak louder than words. Thomas Markle has done nothing, nothing, nothing to justify being excluded.”

Campbell also discussed their recent appearance at the Inivctus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany, claiming: “My understanding is that the Invictus Games has been presented as being a success. And in some respects, it's been a great success for Harry and Meghan. But behind the scenes there's been a lot of dissatisfaction, or certainly in Germany amongst the Germans.”

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