‘Unregulated wild west!’ Jennie Bond FUMES over Meghan Markle’s brother ‘bullying’ duchess online - 'He is profiting!'

‘Unregulated wild west!’ Jennie Bond FUMES over Meghan Markle’s brother ‘bullying’ duchess online - 'He is profiting!'

‘Unregulated wild west’ Jennie Bond FUMES over Meghan Markle’s brother ‘bullying’ her online

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 15/04/2024

- 12:10

Thomas Markle Junior has posted YouTube video mimicking his half-sister the Duchess of Sussex

Royal correspondent Jennie Bond has slammed Meghan Markle's brother for "bullying" the duchess online.

The Duchess of Sussex has been targeted by Thomas Markle Jnr with insults and bizarre conspiracy theories in a YouTube video where he dressed up in a wig and called himself "Me-gain."

Meghan and her brother have been embroiled in a family feud and are thought not to have spoken in more than a decade.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond claimed that Thomas' videos are just "nasty monologues".

Thomas Markle Jnr, Meghan Marklle

Thomas Markle released videos being unkind about his estranged half-sister


Speaking on GB News Andrew Pierce said: "I have never been a fan of Meghan Markle but that made me feel sorry for her. He's bullying her."

Jennie Bond responded: "Absolutely. I couldn't agree more. I mean, Megan has taken her fair share of criticism throughout our media, I have to say.


"But what she's dealing with now? These YouTube posts by Thomas Markle Jnr are misogynistic, hate-filled diatribes. They are just nasty monologues.

"He calls her an old hag during what he purports to be a birthday message. It is vile stuff.

"I don't understand, quite frankly, why it's not taken off the internet. It simply shouldn't be allowed."

Andrew agreed and said: "That's the problem with the internet isn't it Jenny?

Jennie Bond

Jennie Bond fumed and labelled it 'vile and nasty"

GB News

"That it's an unregulated wild west. A TV or radio station wouldn't dream of them putting that sort of stuff out."

Bond later added: "I know why Thomas Markle is doing this. He is trousering money for this.

"He's pocketing cash, he's asking for tips and he's getting them, and he's getting quite a lot of viewers.

"One hundred thousand viewers watched The Birthday Tribute, in which he talks about an old hag and says how many facelifts are she going to need and all sorts of horrible stuff.

"So he's making money out of it. He is profiting, I would say prostituting himself, on the coattails of his very famous half-sister."

Thomas Jnr's harsh videos, which include him calling Meghan “a narcissist”, are the latest chapter in a long-running feud between her and her family, including him, their sister Samantha, 59, and their father Thomas Markle Snr, 79.

The trio have been at war with Meghan since she stopped speaking to Thomas Snr after he was exposed co-operating for paparazzi style pictures and then missed her wedding to Harry in May 2018.

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