Royal Family 'ignoring' Harry and Meghan completely: Tom Bower blasts 'they're ostracised'

Royal Family 'ignoring' Harry and Meghan completely: Tom Bower blasts 'they're ostracised'
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 20/09/2023

- 11:15

Meghan and Harry are getting more and more distant from the Royal Family

Tom Bower has reacted to the royal family publicly ignoring Prince Harry, Duke of Sussexes 39th birthday.

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, the author shared his thoughts on the declining relations between the Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and the royal family.

Dan Wootton asked: "Does that suggest that relations are at an all time low?"

Bower replied: "It suggests that they finally seen reason. Finally, after all this time, they are going to ostracise and forget Harry and Megan completely.

"And I thought it was quite awful, any of the media, a lot of the media coverage of their trip to Dissoldorf because as I predicted last week, they've used the whole Invictus Games to promote themselves. None of the coverage actually was seeing a race by these veterans."

Bower continued: "The syrupy stuff of her visiting the German homeless in Dusseldorf and then going back to her mansion in Montecito is everything is so confection, everything is so false. And what's marvellous is that finally, finally, the Royal family have realised, seen the light and decided to ignore them completely and ostracise them. Don't give them any help.

“And I hope that next time they land in London they have to go through customs and immigration like the rest of us.”

Watch the discussion in full above.

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