Lizzie Cundy ribs Princess Kate - 'Should have sent the picture to me to photoshop'

Lizzie Cundy ribs Princess Kate - 'Should have sent the picture to me to photoshop'

WATCH NOW: Lizzie Cundy says Princess Kate is 'under huge pressure'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 16/03/2024

- 16:05

Updated: 16/03/2024

- 16:50

Princess Kate shared the image to mark Mother's Day earlier this month

Commentator Lizzie Cundy has offered to Photoshop Princess Kate's Mother's Day image for her, as the dramatic fallout of the edited image continues.

The Princess of Wales released a new family photo on the official Kensington Palace social media pages, to mark Mother's Day in the UK.

However, the image proved controversial after featuring a series of Photoshop errors.

After many major news agencies made the decision to kill the photo, the Princess was forced to confirm who had made the errors.

Princess Kate and Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie Cundy says Princess Kate is 'under pressure' as she recovers from surgery

KensingtonRoyal / GBN America

Posting on the Kensington Palace official pages, the Princess said: "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.

"I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused."

The image, which was taken by Prince William, remains on the Kensington Palace social media pages but the original image will not be reissued, the Palace has confirmed.

Discussing the image faux pas on GBN America, commentator Lizzie Cundy said the Princess is "under pressure" to remain seen as she recovers from her surgery.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate hasn't officially been since December last year


Cundy offered to Photoshop the royal image herself, telling host Nana Akua: "I wish she had got me to do the photoshopping, that's my first thought. I would have done a much better job!"


Highlighting the modern age of social media and the common desire to Photoshop images, Cundy explained: "There's a huge percentage of us that do like a little Photoshop, me included. Practically everyone on Instagram does it. It's not just the Kardashians, it's even royals.

"I think it's a storm in a media teacup. Poor Kate, she's under pressure to put a picture out on Mother's Day. She wanted to wish everyone well and say Happy Mother's Day herself with a lovely picture, and look what's happened."

Cundy told GBN America: "They should have checked the picture or sent it for me to do. I couldn't quite believe how many mistakes were in it. I think there's more than 16 there now."

Nana defended the Princess of Wales, claiming she was "just trying" to use her editing skills for the newly released image.

Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie Cundy offered to photoshop the image on behalf of the Princess

GBN America

Nana suggested that the photo scandal may cause the royal to be "put off of her amateur photography for life".

Nana asked Cundy: "You just wouldn't do it again, would you?"

Cundy agreed, responding: "No, of course she wouldn't do it again. But don't forget, she's under huge pressure. We haven't really seen her properly since December, since she's had that abdominal operation and everyone is really worried about her.

"So she knows everyone is wanting this picture, and she's under huge pressure. You know what it's like when you've got three children all having to smile and laugh at the same time. We know Louis is a bit of a rascal too, so I think she just thought, oh, I'll go for the easy option. But look what's happened."

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