Princess Kate's health silence 'down to William': Prince 'follows vein of never complain, never explain' claims author

Princess Kate's health silence 'down to William': Prince 'follows vein of never complain, never explain' claims author

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 07/04/2024

- 16:33

Updated: 07/04/2024

- 16:47

Princess Kate announced her cancer diagnosis in March

Royal Author Alexander Larman has claimed that Princess Kate's silence surrounding her health is "because of Prince William".

Earlier this year, the Princess of Wales released an emotional video statement to confirm wild speculation about her health, after undergoing a "planned abdominal procedure" in January.

Kate revealed that following tests after the surgery, doctors discovered cancer "had been present", and so she has begun "preventative chemotherapy".

Speaking to GB News, author Alexander Larman said the social media conspiracies surrounding Princess Kate shows the world is "obsessed by the health of the Royal Family", as we "look to them to set an example".

Alexander Larman and Prince William

Alexander Larman claims Kensington Palace's silence over Kate's health is 'because of Prince William'

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Larman added that seeing "two of the senior royal members have cancer is absolutely unprecedented", and we "certainly haven't seen a situation like this in history".

In a discussion about the Princess's recent Mother's Day photo controversy, Camilla claimed that Kate "even entertaining the idea of posing up for Mothering Sunday and releasing an image" was just to "answer critics that are never going to be satisfied".

Camilla told Larman: "Let's be honest, there's always going to be on trolls on social media for whom there is no response. That is the right response."

Larman replied: "The trolls have carried on to this day. But one thing that's very interesting is if you look at the difference between the responses."

Princess Kate

Princess Kate announced her cancer diagnosis in an emotional video statement


Larman detailed the differences between the responses of Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace, as King Charles and Princess Kate face their cancer diagnoses.


Larman explained: "Buckingham Palace came forward very quickly and gave a fairly candid idea of what's happening with Charles with his illness, and Kensington Palace didn't.

"I think that's because Prince William is much more into the vein of never complain, never explain, which was his great grandfather's motto, and has always served the Royal Family well."

Larman argued: "But it doesn't hold up in 2024, because you've got to allow the idea the information is going to get out into the public, whether you like it or not."

Camilla was in agreement, adding: "Sometimes the royals take ownership of their own information, don't they? If we think back to the Megxit bombshell."

Alexander Larman

Alexander Larman says Prince William 'follows Queen Elizabeth II' with 'never complain, never explain

GB News

Camilla asked the royal author how "damaging" he felt the exit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been for the Royal Family, but he claimed it had "not been damaging" for the monarchy.

Larman told GB News: "I don't think it's been damaging at all, actually, because I think with Harry and Meghan, initially they were all for the controversy and the difficulty.

"Ever since Harry published his memoir, Spare, which was a ridiculous book, there's no sense whatsoever that they are a serious couple.

"I was looking at the American Riviera Orchard revelation the other day and I thought Wallis Simpson, who was obviously Meghan's spiritual forebear, would have done her own lifestyle brand - but with quite so crass a title? I don't think so."

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