Princess Kate in hospital 'not a trivial matter': Cole highlights 'seriousness' of royal's surgery

Princess Kate in hospital 'not a trivial matter': Cole highlights 'seriousness' of royal's surgery

WATCH NOW: Michael Cole details Princess Kate's abdominal surgery

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 17/01/2024

- 15:58

The Princess of Wales was admitted to The London Clinic for planned abdominal surgery

Royal Correspondent Michael Cole has highlighted the "seriousness" of Princess Kate's health update, as the Princess of Wales has been admitted to hospital for the next couple of weeks.

Kensington Palace announced Princess Kate was taken to hospital on Tuesday, for planned abdominal surgery.

The Palace have confirmed that the procedure had been successful.

The Princess's admission to The London Clinic on Tuesday evening was revealed in a statement today on the official Kensington Palace Instagram account.

Princess Kate Middleton

Princess Kate was admitted to hospital on Tuesday for planned abdominal surgery


The Kensington Palace statement said: "Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales was admitted to The London Clinic yesterday for planned abdominal surgery.

"The surgery was successful and it is expected that she will remain in hospital for ten to fourteen days, before returning home to continue her recovery.

"Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter."

It is expected that the Princess of Wales will spend the next two to three months recovering from the surgery.

Prince William has also postponed royal engagements to support the Princess.

Speaking to GB News, Royal Correspondent Michael Cole highlighted that the Princess is "young and vigorous and very fit", but stressed the news is "not a trivial matter", and is "obviously quite serious".

Cole told hosts Tom Harwood and Emily Carver: "She has very conscientiously added in that quite full statement from Kensington Palace much more so than one would have perhaps expected on another occasion.

"It's going to be a long stay in hospital afterwards - these days they get the patients out of hospital as soon as possible back on their feet. So that also does indicate the seriousness of the nature of whatever it is that is ailing her."

Michael Cole added that it would be "unwise" for royal fans to speculate, and reassured that Kensington Palace will bring out "more details" as they see fit.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole said the Princess of Wales being hospitalised is 'not a trivial matter'

GB News

In praise of the Princess of Wales, Cole detailed her recovery process and her eagerness to rearrange any cancelled engagements.

He called the Princess "typical and commendable" for promising to revisit her prior engagements following her recovery.

When asked by host Tom Harwood about the "secretive" nature of the hospital admission, Cole defended the Royal Family, stating: "What's the point of announcing it beforehand? It will only create speculation.

"And I'm sure the clinic didn't want hordes of cameramen around the doors. And I'm certainly sure that the Princess of Wales, because this is a very private matter as far as she's concerned and her husband's concerned, wouldn't want that.

"The fact is it's happened. It happened yesterday, they've announced it today. I think that that is entirely commendable and right."

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