Princess Anne 'doesn't get enough credit! Super fan gushes over royal's 'no-nonsense' approach

Princess Anne

Princess Anne has a 'no-nonsense' attitude, according to a royal superfan

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 27/09/2023

- 10:40

Updated: 28/09/2023

- 14:53

The Princess Royal 'gets on and does her work' according to an American royal superfan

Princess Anne was named by an American superfan as her "favourite" royal, as she complimented the "no-nonsense" approach.

The Princess Royal, 73, regularly performs the most number of engagements for the Royal Family at home and abroad.

For instance, in 2022, she attended 214 engagements, which was more than any other royal including her older brother King Charles.

Anne regularly completes three or four engagements a day, which has earned her the title of the "hardest-working royal".

WATCH NOW: American Royal superfan explains why Princess Anne is her 'favourite'

The 74-year-old monarch, in comparison, came in second place behind his sister with 181 completed engagements.

An American super fan told GB News that Princess Anne was her "favourite" member of the Royal Family.

She said: "I love Prince William, I love Princess Catherine. But Princess Anne is my favourite.

"She's no-nonsense. She gets on and does her work. She doesn't get as much credit as all the other ones.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne performed the majority of royal engagements in 2022


Princess Anne and King Charles

King Charles performed the second most number of engagements last year


"She's never in the papers or anything. But she's been doing this for decades and decades. I just love her!"

Prince Edward, 59, came in third place behind two of his older siblings for the number of royal engagements completed in 2022.

The research was conducted by Reboot SEO company and was based on Court Circular entries.

Meanwhile, Edward's wife, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh landed in fourth place among the hardest-working royals last year.

Princess Anne

Fan claims Princess Anne 'doesn't get enough credit'


Princess Anne

​Princess Anne performs many engagements during the day


Proving her hard work, the Duchess of Edinburgh travelled to Rome on Tuesday to attend the state funeral of the former Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

In addition, the Duke of Edinburgh is currently on a royal trip to Turkey to meet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Royals like Kate, Princess of Wales ranked quite low in the list of completed engagements for 2022.

Kate only attended 90 engagements, placing her behind both the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, with 100 and 94 respectively.

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