I see the hand of Lord Cameron in Prince William's 'appalling' intervention, says Tom Bower

I see the hand of Lord Cameron in Prince William's 'appalling' intervention, says Tom Bower
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 20/02/2024

- 21:38

Prince William released a statement on the Israel-Hamas war

Royal Biographer Tom Bower has said he ‘sees the hand of Lord Cameron’ in the Prince of Wales’s statement on fighting in Gaza.

Mr Bower described the intervention as a ‘disaster for Prince William’ and said ‘nobody needs his contribution on this issue.’

Speaking on GB News, Tom Bower said:“I think he's been very badly advised; I think it's quite appalling. I see the hand of Lord Cameron in all this, who somehow has shifted into the side of telling Israel to stop to seek peace.

“But of course what Lord Cameron doesn't understand is you can't have peace with Hamas, which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jew that lives in Israel.

"There is no peace possible with people who are intent on the Final Solution Mk II and so I think it's been a disaster for Prince William to get involved in this.

“I think that his officials in in Kensington Palace should have warned him to stay out of it, because it can only end badly.

“He probably doesn't want to be manipulated, but he didn't have advisors who told him have nothing to do with it.

“He should have rejected the request by Lord Cameron, or whoever it was in the government, because this is on the eve of tomorrow's debate.

“We've seen the Labour Party succumb to the pressure of the Muslim vote; Keir Starmer has changed his stance because he fears a revolt in his own party.

“We're now heading to a very ugly situation in Britain of rampant anti-Semitism, terrible Muslim activities against Jews, and the Palace should have stayed out of it except they might have said that they're disgusted with the anti-Semitism spreading across Britain, but they haven't.

“They’ve urged peace. There is no peace with Hamas. It is a terrorist organisation intends on destruction and murder. So, what on earth Prince William's advisors thought of adopting Lord Cameron's view and the government's view, it beggars belief where this could end up.

“Of course, the Queen would never have said anything like this. I don't even think that Prince Charles in his most reckless interventions into politics, at this very moment on the eve of the vote tomorrow, on the on the way the United Nations voted today, would have contributed to this debate.

“Prince William should have been silent. Nobody needs his contribution on this issue and by intervening, he has made that whole problem far worse, because he's politicized the whole issue as far as the monarchy is concerned.

“What on earth is Prince William doing getting involved in this very, very messy, controversial issue?

“This is a departure from what we expected and we thought that he was a serious, considered person trying to learn the trade, so to speak.

“What on earth he wants to get involved in the unbelievable turmoil of the Middle East and worst of all, the internecine war in the Labour Party, and the terror on the streets of Britain, I just don't understand.

“I do honestly think that he has very, very poor advisers who should have said to him, Prince William, Your Highness, you don't know enough about this subject. This isn't where you should step.”


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