Prince William is a 'fantastic advocate' for UK, says minister on his Gaza ceasefire call

Prince William is a 'fantastic advocate' for UK, says minister on his Gaza ceasefire call
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 21/02/2024

- 15:07

Prince William was praised as a “fantastic advocate” for the UK by Work and Pensions Minister Mims Davies MP when she was questioned about his call for a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict.

Her comments came after she was asked during PMQs Live on GB News if Prince William was right to express his opinion on the subject.

She said: “This is a free country and, of course, as a minister for the Crown…I am not able to comment directly on that. But what I would say is he’s a fantastic advocate for our country.

“He always feels and reflects what many of our communities think and, like an MP, he gets out into the community and listens to people.

“I think if you drill into what he said, it is pretty similar to what the Government is bringing forward for the amendment [in the Commons] this afternoon. So, of course, leave him to speak for himself.”

Labour’s Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury, James Murrary MP, said: “Throughout this conflict, obviously, there's been a lot of division. What I understand from what William said, there were messages of unity about things that we all agree on, about wanting the violence to come to an end.

“Obviously, there'll be debates about how we get there. But I think what I understand from what he said, it was very much focused on what we all share, which is a desire for the violence to come to an end.

“I wouldn't want to give a running commentary on what he's saying. But I do think that focus on unity is important.”

Asked if he backed the prince’s call for an immediate ceasefire, he added: “I'm not going to comment on what the prince has said, but I do think that his focus on unity is a really important message for us all here.”


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