Prince Harry's FIVE eyebrow-raising inconsistencies as he cracks under pressure

Prince Harry outside court

Prince Harry struggled to remain composed as five inconsistencies in his case against Mirror Group Newspapers emerged

Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 08/06/2023

- 10:01

The Duke of Sussex seemed in higher spirits as he left the courthouse yesterday

Prince Harry struggled to remain composed as five inconsistencies in his case against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) emerged while he was quizzed over his own claims.

The Duke's testimony struggled to stand up against scrutiny as he was cross-examined over two days, with the Prince breaking down in court after admitting “I don’t know” 18 times in less than three hours.

The 38-year-old had shared a 55-page brief as part of the phone hacking trial against the Mirror Group papers.

But after an intense seven-hour session with Mirror group lawyer Andrew Green KC, Harry's voice broke as he held back tears revealing "it's a lot".

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy

Harry brought up an article from November 2007 regarding his split with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, describing it as "hurtful"


During the hearing, Harry brought up an article from November 2007 regarding his split with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, describing it as "hurtful" because it was titled "Hooray Harry's Dumped".

The story reported that the duke went to London nightclub Amika and "drowned his sorrows" following the break up, with Harry complaining over its alleged use of his private information.

However, Green explained that on the same day there was a front page article in the News of the World which reported on the breakup.

In the Mirror article, he says, there are "only two references to the breakup" - and that the information about the split and the quote are "very similar" to the News of the World's story earlier in the day.

Harry also accused the Mirror group of unlawful information gathering for its 2006 article Prince of Lapland following a trip to strip club Spearmint Rhino.

It told how Harry had received a dance with a "statuesque blonde" who sat in his lap.

Green asked Prince Harry whether there was "any evidence or was it pure speculation" that this story came from phone hacking, in which he denied speculating.

The Mirror's Green added that the article did not add "anything of substance that hadn't already been put in or implied in other articles".

The Duke also claimed the Mirror had unlawfully gathered information over reports of a knee injury in 2005.

One article called "Harry Carry" detailed how a knee injury was hampering his time at Sandhurst.

In his witness statement, he alleged that there were quotes from "insiders" about his injury and treatment.

But Green revealed Clarence House had already released a press release in 2004 which featured quotes from Harry on his disappointment not to be entering Sandhurst that year because of his knee injury.

In 2004, Harry's relationship with ex-girlfriend Chelsy became public knowledge and an article called Harry Is A Chelsy Fan was published in the Mirror on November 29.

Harry claimed details of his new relationship could only have been found through illegal means.

The story contained quotes from construction workers who described seeing the prince with "a blonde" and witnesses said the girl was called Kelsey or Chelsy and Mirror reporters set to finding out who she was.

However, The Mail On Sunday broke the story of her full name first, and it was only once that was published that there was other articles, including the Mirror story.

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of the Duke of Sussex (right) being cross examined by Andrew Green KC, as he gives evidence at the Rolls Buildings in central London


When asked why Harry hadn't sued other newspapers that published the story, including the Daily Star and Record, he said: "I don't believe there was industrial scale phone hacking at those publications. I have no reason. I'm busy with other litigation."

In his witness statement he wrote: "I can't understand how any of media could understand where we were or who she was."

Green said: "Her identity and the relationship were already in the public domain. Of course the Mail On Sunday articles contain considerably more details than the Mirror article."

In December 2007, Harry dropped Chelsy off after she spent the night at Kensington Palace where a paparazzi photograph was taken.

Prince Harry said the image was "suspicious" because he didn't understand how the photographer came to be at the gates at the right time.

Green suggested that was something "anyone could have observed" but Harry replied: "This to me is incredibly suspicious as I say. She spent the night with me, I was dropping her off as close to Kensington High Street as I could get without being seen.

"To know that a photographer was there for us, waiting, was highly suspicious."

MGN has apologised unreservedly to Prince Harry for unlawfully gathering information about him but denies phone hacking.

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