Prince Andrew reported to police by anti-monarchy group after release of Epstein documents

Prince Andrew reported to police by anti-monarchy group after release of Epstein documents

Documents in connection with Jeffrey Epstein were revealed this week

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Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 04/01/2024

- 16:59

Updated: 04/01/2024

- 20:41

The Duke of York has previously denied any wrongdoing

Prince Andrew has been reported to the police by anti monarchy group, Republic after allegations of sexual assault resurfaced in connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

The group say the court documents reveal new details of sexual assault and rape allegations against Andrew.

The Duke of York has previously denied any wrongdoing, and Buckingham Palace said the allegations are “categorically untrue”.

Among the newly released records, includes 40 documents of evidence from Johanna Sjoberg, who claimed that Prince touched her breast whilst inside Epstein’s Manhattan apartment in 2001.

Prince AndrewPrince Andrew has been reported to the police by Republic - an anti monarchy group - amid the unveiling of new documentation in connection with Jeffrey EpsteinPA

Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic, called on the Metropolitan Police to reopen investigations, and asked that the King make a public statement and take questions from the press on the matter.

Smith said: "Inaction would exacerbate an already serious issue of victims of male violence being unwilling to report offences to the Metropolitan Police, and would embolden offenders, knowing the police will not take action against powerful individuals."

He added: "I have reported Andrew to the police, well aware that the Met claims to have looked into this before.

"To date there appears to have been no serious criminal investigation, no interview of the accused or other witnesses, and no clear justification for taking no action."


Loretta Preska ruled that the records be made public as part of a 2015 defamation case by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell.

The papers revealed that in 2001, Sjoberg said that Maxwell summoned her to a closet, where she pulled out a puppet of the Duke of York.

"It looked like him," Sjoberg said. "And she brought it down and presented it to him; and that was a great joke, because apparently it was a production from a show on BBC.

"And they decided to take a picture with it, in which Virginia and Andrew sat on a couch.

Prince AndrewPrince Andrew was one of the high-profile figures named in the trove of previously unreleased documentsPA

"They put the puppet on Virginia's lap, and I sat on Andrew's lap, and they put the puppet's hand on Virginia's breast, and Andrew put his hand on my breast, and they took a photo."

Smith added: “I am calling on the Met Police to reopen this case, I am calling on MPs to debate this affair in Parliament, and I am calling on Charles to make a public statement, in front of the press and taking questions, to respond to these allegations and what they say about the monarchy.

“How can we not expect a response from the Government and head of state? At the time of the alleged offences Andrew was a government trade ambassador and an active member of the royal family.

“They fudged and obfuscated for 11 years before taking any definitive action.”

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