Sussex BOMBSHELL: Meghan Markle will NEVER return to UK as she views Royal Family as a 'soap opera' despite Harry's desire for truce

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle views Royal Family as a 'soap opera' as duchess rules out return to UK

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 24/11/2023

- 15:29

Updated: 25/11/2023

- 00:20

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit being working royals in 2020

Meghan Markle does not want to return to the UK because she refuses "to dive back into the soap opera", according to Omid Scobie's upcoming royal book.

Endgame, by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's biographer, will be released on November 28.

However, the French magazine Paris Match serialised several passages for publication today.

In one excerpt, translated from French, Scobie discusses how Meghan never wants to return to the UK.

WATCH NOW: GB News's Royal Correspondent on Endgame

However, the author suggests that Harry could be ready for reconciliation with his family.

The 39-year-old is reported to have said: "I'm ready to forget. Get an apology or explanation?

"At this point, who cares, right?"

Meghan's decision not to attend King Charles's Coronation on May 6 is one of the subjects discussed in Endgame.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle doesn't want to return to the UK


At the time, the duke announced he would be travelling to the UK alone, while Meghan remained in California to look after their children.

At the time, Scobie said Prince Archie's fourth birthday coinciding on the same day "played a factor in the decision" for Meghan to stay in the States.

But in Endgame, the author claimed that Meghan didn't attend because she refused to "dive back into the soap opera of the court".

Scobie has previously denied his new book is about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and instead claimed it will look at the "current state of the British Royal Family".

Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry is reportedly ready to reunite with his family


Posting on X, Scobie wrote: "And let's get this nonsense out the way - #ENDGAME is about the current state of the British Royal Family.

"It's not 'Harry and Meghan's book', I'm not 'Meg's pal', the Sussexes have nothing to do with it, their story is a small part of a much bigger one you can read in 12 days."

In other segments serialised in Paris Match, Scobie discusses everything from Princess Anne being involved in the Sussexes' eviction from Frogmore Cottage, to King Charles feeling left out of the Earthshot Prize Awards by Prince William.

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