Buckingham Palace takes sly dig at Meghan Markle with 'epic' advert

Buckingham Palace takes sly dig at Meghan Markle with 'epic' advert

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 25/04/2024

- 10:12

King Charles began selling jam under the Duchy of Cornwall in the 1990s

Buckingham Palace took a sly dig at Meghan Markle with an "epic" advert on social media.

Just days after the Duchess of Sussex sent numbered pots of strawberry jam to 50 of her influencer friends, Buckingham Palace’s official store released an advert for its own strawberry preserves.

Last week Meghan, 42, depended on her high-profile friends to share images of the pots of American Riviera Orchard (ARO) jam nestled in a bowl of lemons.

On Wednesday night, in a video shared with their 557,000 Instagram followers, Buckingham Palace Shop’s official account posted an advert for its own strawberry preserve.

King Charles and Meghan Markle

King Charles and Meghan Markle are both producing jam


Set to music from Mozart’s Dissonance Quartet, the Instagram reel suggests four British ways to enjoy the product made using British berries.

Stamped on the side of each £3.95 jar is the Royal Coat of Arms which bears the motto of the Order of the Garter: "Honi soit qui mal y pense," which means: "Shame on him who thinks evil of it."

In the Instagram post, the Palace suggests customers can enjoy their jam: "On a scone as part of a cream tea. On a crumpet. With a croissant. On toast."

Royal fans loved the "epic" advert, commenting underneath to praise the Palace's social media team.

One said: "Is it just me that loves the subtle shade?"

Another wrote: "Wait! Did the Palace just subtly troll Ms Montecito?"

Taking a shot at Meghan's ARO jam jars, one social media user commented: "I see you have glued your labels."

Similarly, someone posted: "Buckingham Palace over Montecito any day," before writing: "Epic shade!"

Highgrove jamHighgrove jam sold from the Duchy of CornwallHighgrove

Nacho FiguerasMeghan Markle sent her strawberry jam to several of her friendsInstagram / Nacho Figueras

However, some fans came to the duchess's defence, with one saying: "I will enjoy the Duchess of Sussex’s jam before your mass-produced slight on her. You show your true colours. I used to respect the Royal Family and now no longer do."

Another wrote: "Very tacky, low blow, that was entirely immature and unnecessary. I thought Buckingham Palace was supposed to exude class and grace. Guess not."

A third commented: "Do the Royal Family hate Harry, Meghan, and their kids so much that they don’t want them to earn extra income for themselves?

"At least it isn’t a book, you know, so you could at least let them do this. Normal healthy relationships uplift families no matter what their past sins are. Toxic families tear them down."

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