Meghan and Harry SHUT DOWN Lilibet claims after reports of 'upsetting late Queen' emerged

Meghan and Harry SHUT DOWN Lilibet claims after reports of 'upsetting late Queen' emerged
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 15/01/2024

- 17:51

Updated: 15/01/2024

- 20:33

GB News Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker reports that a new book to be released later this week claims the late Queen did not approve of Harry and Meghan's use of the name 'Lilibet' for their daughter.

Cameron told GB News: "I think this is another example of recollections may vary. So all of these claims have come from a new book being published later this week by Robert Hardman. Now he is really, really plugged into the royal household.

"He has spoken to members of the Royal Family and their staff, past and present, and also produced this BBC documentary which was aired on Boxing Day behind the scenes of the coronation. So that gives you a bit of an example of the level of access he's got here and and he's reporting what happens when Harry and Meghan chose the name Lilibet for their youngest daughter.

"Of course, as you said, the late Queen's nickname for her close family and friends. Now, after they announced that that was her name, the BBC reported a palace source saying that the Queen was not asked by the Sussexes to use that name. Followed by that, Harry and Meghan's lawyers wrote a very, quite aggressive, threatening legal letter to all UK broadcasters and newspapers saying that that claim is false and defamatory.

"A spokesperson, Harry and Meghan at the time said that the Duke spoke to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II in advance and would not have used the name Lilibet if she hadn't given her blessing. And that is the line which seems to have upset the late Queen, according to Robert Hardman."


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