Angela Levin: Are Harry and Meghan trying to get a contract with Paramount?

Angela Levin: Are Harry and Meghan trying to get a contract with Paramount?
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 28/01/2024

- 09:36

Harry and Meghan looked like they were trying to get a job with Paramount Pictures on their trip to Jamaica, according to Royal biographer Angela Levin.

She told GB News: “Harry and Meghan, there's a lot of talk about why they actually went to Jamaica and that it was completely the wrong time.

“The question is, did they go there deliberately so they could speak to the prime minister and show that he would like them but not like William and Catherine who went out and 2022…

“Also, they were concerned why they were close to the Paramount boss because they're supposed to be really with Netflix - were they trying to get a job, well, Meghan? It’s a bit unsubtle.”

In a discussion with Nana Akua, she continued: “But there they were, she looked extraordinarily overdressed for when you’re going to a cinema or a film because the dress was absolutely enormous.

“It's the sort of thing that you see at an awards ceremony. I think people have really laughed at them and they wonder, actually, what on earth are they doing? There’s nothing.”

She added: “Other people are scurrying around and doing much as they can and if they'd stayed with the Royal Family, they could have been extremely useful and now they just want to prove they're stronger than them…

“It's not going to help them go anywhere because people feel that they're not behaving properly and they're fed up with it, and to keep on moaning, moaning, moaning - it’s just not a very good idea to get people to like you.”


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