WATCH: Prince Harry will 'irritate' taxpayers with latest court case

WATCH: Prince Harry will 'irritate' taxpayers with latest court case
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Published: 05/12/2023

- 12:14

THE public may not want to see more of Prince Harry in the UK and his demand that he is provided with security may ”irritate taxpayers”, according to Royal commentator Katie Nicholl.

Commenting on this court case challenging a decision not to provide him with security, she told GB News: “If he does win it and he gets this protection, will we see more of him in Britain? Do we want to see more of him in Britain?

“Will that just really irritate British taxpayers that they're having to pay for the Sussexes in terms of security when they come over here in the future?”

Speaking during Breakfast with Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster she continued: “I think the feeling amongst all senior members of the Royal Family, particularly in this climate of post cutting and trying to streamline the monarchy, because of the cost that it involves the taxpayer.

“I think it was a pretty much ubiquitous opinion that he should be stripped of that security. If he wins, then possibly all of his [costs] will be covered and I would imagine it would be the Home Office that would be hit by that.

“I think it's worth stressing that, given that he lost the first round and this is now going to appeal, if he does win this, that'll be a massive, major victory. Again, it's not his only court case over here in Britain. He's taking on a number of newspapers as well.”

Asked about moves to strip the Sussexes of their Royal titles, she added: “When she divorced the Royal Family, and some might say that that's exactly what Harry and Meghan have done in all but name, they've upped and left.

“And of course, you know, there's a possibility that the decision to strip them of their titles won't actually have to be made by the Royals. It may be made through the Houses of Parliament.

“We know from this couple that they will do everything possible to hold on to those titles, because without the Duke and Duchess they're just Harry and Megan and that simply doesn't carry the same amount of weight.”

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