Harry and Meghan should confirm they have not been involved with the book Endgame, says Jennie Bond

Harry and Meghan should confirm they have not been involved with the book Endgame, says Jennie Bond
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Published: 04/12/2023

- 09:02

Updated: 04/12/2023

- 09:08

The Royal commentator described Omid Scobie’s work as ‘rather nasty, snide’

Royal commentator Jennie Bond has called for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to make it clear that they had no involvement with Omid Scobie’s controversial book Endgame.

She told GB News: “I think it would be a very good move on their part to state clearly and unequivocally that they have absolutely nothing to do with this book, if that is the case.

“Because obviously as long as they stay silent, we all think, ‘well, you know, how could a letter between the King and Meghan Markle, how could that get into the public domain?’

“There are unanswered questions and I think it would be very helpful if they answered.”

Speaking during Breakfast with Stephen Dixon and Anne Diamond, she said: “If they could distance themselves from this rather nasty, snide book, it will be a good move because I don't really know why Omid Scobie has been so just plain unpleasant about so many members of the Royal Family, particularly Catherine, Princess of Wales.

“What is the point of belittling her achievements, calling them small, saying that we will go ‘wow’ when she does anything and we don't with other members of the family?

“In my view, she has quite a tricky role in life, a privileged one of course, but quite a tricky one and she is playing a blindingly good hand and making not small achievements, but great achievements, particularly in child early years development.

“I think she's really brilliant on that. And he just belittles her. Well, why?”

On racism allegations, she added: “If Omid Scobie…the author of this book that started this whole thing up again, if he really has had access to letters between Meghan and King Charles, in which the King said that whoever made these remarks there was no ill will or casual prejudice intended, then I think we would take him at his word.

“That is the case. It wasn't a concern. It was human curiosity.”

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