Foreign Office should brief countries if Sussexes try another ‘royal tour’ says Paul Burrell

Foreign Office should brief countries if Sussexes try another ‘royal tour’ says Paul Burrell
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 18/05/2024

- 08:29

Former royal butler also questioned if Meghan knows words of national anthem

Former Royal Butler Paul Burrell has said the Foreign Office should brief UK High Commissions that any visit by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is not a Royal visit.

Mr Burrell claimed the couple were ‘undermining the good work which our Royals do in Commonwealth countries’ following their visit to Nigeria, which he said was done to boost their flagging image.

Speaking on GB News Paul Burrell said: “Archewell seems to be embroiled in controversy at the moment and it's a mess. It's not a good look for a charity when their donations are drying up, and expenses are rising.

“And why does it cost $2.67 million to run a charity when that money should be going to good causes? That's an awful lot of stationery and an awful lot of postage.

“There are only two directors of that company, Harry and Meghan, so they're accountable to each other. And quite frankly, do we believe what they're saying? No, we don't. They should be keeping their eyes on the books a little more closely than watching themselves on TV.

“The quasi-Royal tour of Africa is all about Harry and Meghan. It's a massive public display and photo opportunity for them to bolster their flagging image.

“They're about to launch two new programs for Netflix; One all about polo, and one all about cooking. So what better way than them to launch themselves on the world stage, making themselves relevant once again.

“They have to maintain their image of being Royal and being relevant. That is their USP. Without that there's nothing else.

“But they are not in the same league as Kate and William. This is good timing for Harry and Meghan when Kate's out and the King’s out and William is looking after the family back home, but they are no longer working Royals. They do not represent The King or our country, and they are undermining the good work which our Royals do in Commonwealth countries.

“Now the Foreign Office should keep their eye on this because they should be advising the High Commissioners in all Commonwealth countries and telling them that this is not a royal visit.

“At royal visits, they play the national anthem. Why was the national anthem played at their visit? It wasn't a royal visit. They didn't sing the words to it. I'm not sure whether Meghan knows all the words to the national anthem.

“It’s not only embarrassing for them, it's embarrassing for the world and certainly embarrassing for our country.

“I don't get why they are launching themselves as a royal couple on the world stage pretending to be still working Royals when they're not.

“I think the king should have something to say to his son about his son's position on such a public platform in a Commonwealth country.”


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