'Diana would be devastated': Prince William has 'drawn a line in the sand' with Harry claims ex-butler

'Diana would be devastated': Prince William has 'drawn a line in the sand' with  Harry claims ex-butler
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 16/03/2024

- 12:29

Updated: 16/03/2024

- 12:33

Princess Diana’s ex-butler has claimed she would be “devastated” by the situation between Prince William and Harry.

Paul Burrell said the two Royal brothers are more estranged than ever with Prince William “drawing a line in the sand” with his younger sibling.

The 65-year-old, who worked for Diana’s for nearly a decade, told GB News: “She would have been devastated. Are you surprised this is happening? I am not. It is just another awkward moment for William, who doesn’t want to share any platform, anywhere in the world with his brother.

“He has drawn a line in the sand and decided no more, that is the end of it. But even, an award, cannot bring these two boys back together. And if that can’t, their mother's legacy can’t, then nothing can.”

Mr Burrell, a former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, also said the ongoing “crisis” surrounding Catherine, the Princess of Wales, has been fuelled by “internet conspiracy theorists” and nothing more.

He added: “It’s not a crisis for the Royal Family really because Kate and William know the truth. When they released that picture - the Mother’s Day photo - they did it for the best of reasons and wasn’t it a wonderful picture? We took it at face value. I knew the place where they took the picture, I would recognise that place anywhere. They wanted to send a clear message out to the people to say ‘Look, we’re fine, we’re happy’.

“What they didn’t think was that photoshopping it to a certain extent would fuel conspiracy theories. The truth is much simpler, Kate is recovering from a serious operation. She needs time and she is with her family. She is a wife and a mother and she has a right to privacy. Let’s give her some space and time to get better.”


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