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Born and bred in a former mining town in the East Midlands, I have always been aware of the London bubble and how our political class seems to be all-engulfed in it. One of the reasons I headed up the #DefundTheBBC campaign was because, like many, I was fed-up of the metropolitan liberal elite perspective being shovelled down our throats in every programme on every channel. Social Justice Warriors have taken over our airwaves, and they do not even recognise their biases. They seem to want to lecture us on how to think "correctly" and, in my eyes, that goes against everything we stand for.

British values are those of democracy, the rule of law and tolerance for those of different faiths/opinions. The mainstream media bias is anti-democratic (particularly in their coverage of Brexit), against the rule of law (especially when covering events they agree with, such as BLM or XR), and offers no tolerance to people who think differently to the way they do. It is my belief that most ordinary folks in this country share common sense values, conservative values, Christian values, and that used to be considered okay.

I try to put Christian values at the forefront of everything I do, including my media work. For me, broadcasting is about finding truth and beauty in order to promote and encourage goodness; it is as simple as that.

I started out as a writer, and I have been fortunate enough to write for pretty much every tabloid and broadsheet at this point, from The Guardian to the Daily Express; I regularly write commentary for The Telegraph and Daily Mail.

I have been on the wireless and television as a guest for years, but I transitioned to the presenter's chair with the wonderful people at TalkRADIO and GB News, for the same reason: As far as I am concerned, they are the only outlets on radio and TV, respectively, breaking away from the approved narrative of the mainstream media – the only places where opposing viewpoints are welcomed. It is for that reason I am excited to make GB News my permanent home; I have joined a fantastic family of professional presenters and commentators who share a vision to do things differently.

I hope to bear witness in everything I do, and whilst I am not always right, I am always listening. So please continue to send me ideas of topics you would like me to cover in my inbox. More than anything, I love engaging directly with our amazing audience. We are all in this together.

It is time to reverse the long march through the institutions and reclaim our country from the woke. Join me in my crusade for common sense. Deus vult!


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