Tories told they've left it too late to replace Rishi Sunak

Tories told they've left it too late to replace Rishi Sunak
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 23/05/2024

- 17:40

Last night there were rumours that MPs were trying to mount a coup

Conservative MP Dame Andrea Jenkyns has said it’s ‘too late’ for Conservatives to change party leader following rumours that MPs were trying to mount a coup.

Dame Andrea, who submitted a letter of no-confidence last November, said the party now needed to take the fight to Labour as she revealed she told the Prime Minister recently he needed to put 'real Conservatives' into the Cabinet.

Speaking on GB News Andrea Jenkyns said: “I haven't had these conversations, not for a few weeks myself. I think it's toolate now. I put my letter in in November and I said then, come on, get your letters in. I think they'veleftittoolate.

“I mean, how the heck can you change the leader when the election's called? Rishi has been very clever. The protocol normally is that you announce an election like Boris did, and then you go to the King, but he did it the other way around, before the letters went in [to the 1922 committee]

“I mean, I can't guarantee it but that's certainly one way to do it, isn't it? But I think now, we've got to take the fight to Labour.

“I'm seriously worried about a Labour government. I think this is an election of a generation. It's the most important election of a generation, this, and I'm going to fight tooth and nail to stop a Starmer-led Labour government.

“Because that we've seen that he's a man who kneels, he's a man who is so woke that he doesn't know what a woman is. He tried to get Corbyn into Number 10.

“And look how we bowed to the pro Palestinian mob and put pressure on The Speaker.

“I didn’t get into PMQs today but I was going to ask a question. We've seen what's happened today with Ireland, with Spain and Norway. And I wanted to say to the Prime Minister, can we make sure that Britain will never bow to terrorism? But I don't think we can guarantee that with a Starmer-led Labour government.

“I'm going to campaign for common sense Conservatism, as I do in every election. I personally wouldn't have gone now. I even said to the Prime Minister myself when I met with him recently, we need a major war cabinet reshuffle. Get some red meat, true Conservatives in there. Let's get a true Conservative as Deputy Prime Minister, and then let's have some true Conservative policies.

“Let's lower taxes further in the autumn statement and then have an election.

“This [Palestinian debate] isn’t ‘could be a problem,’ it is a problem for the Labour Party.

“Look how [Starmer] bowed to the mob and put pressure on The Speaker. That was unprecedented. That just shows you where his heart is.

“The whole slogan of ‘change’, well not all change is good change and I believe a Starmer led Labour government will not be a good change for our country.

“We've seen the stuff going on in Scotland, what went on in Scotland with the gender stuff, and I think we'll see it here.

“I think the Prime Minister has come out strong on the education stuff, [but I fear] the whole trans stuff and transitioning for children. Bowing down to the pro Palestinian lobby and terrorism, I fear that and I also fear for freedom of speech which has been impinged on for decades by our institutions.

“Don't forget that Starmer was a human rights lawyer who actually defended criminals from abroad, to stop them being deported. Let's not forget his record on that.”


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