Rishi Sunak must 'redouble his efforts' says former Tory leader

Rishi Sunak must 'redouble his efforts' says former Tory leader
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 19/06/2024

- 20:41

A former Conservative Party leader has said the Tories need to ‘redouble’ its efforts to get their message about economic growth over to the electorate.

Lord Michael Howard said his experience on the doorsteps was ‘very many people’ have still not made up their mind on how they will vote.

Speaking on GB News, Lord Howard said: “I can only talk from my own experience. I've been on the doorstep every day this week. And apart from today when I had a very positive response, on the other days, what's become clear is that there are very many people who haven't made up their minds, and who are genuinely undecided.

“And I think the task that faces the Conservative Party in the two weeks that remain of the campaign, is to persuade those people who haven't made up their minds that we have genuinely turned the corner.

“We've now got the lowest inflation rate in the G7 apart from Italy, the highest growth rate in the G7, apart from Canada, which is the same as ours. And after all of the hard times that we've been through, because of COVID, because of the war, because of the increase in the price of energy, we have now turned the corner.

“We have a really good future ahead of us if we stick to the Conservatives, and stick to the plan. That's what we've got to try and persuade people of in the two weeks that remain of the campaign.

“We need to redouble, not just Rishi Sunak, but we all need to redouble our efforts to get the message across. And of course the evidence on inflation is new evidence, it only came out this morning.

“So as the evidence increases, that we really have turned the corner, and that there really is a good future for our country if we stick with a plan and stick with the Conservatives. There is still time to persuade people that they shouldn't throw it all away and risk the higher taxes that inevitably will come with the Labour government."


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