Rishi Sunak BOOED over NHS as PM blames 'industrial action' again

Rishi Sunak BOOED over NHS as PM blames 'industrial action' again
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 12/06/2024

- 20:34

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faced laughter and boos from the audience during his sit-down interview on Sky News.

Answering questions about the five pledges he made in January 2023, Sunak said: “The most important priority was the first one, because when I got this job, inflation was at 11% and I think everyone knows the last few years have been difficult, the impact that was having on all your bills.”

He faced laughter when he said: “It (inflation) was always meant to come down over time.”

The PM also faced questions about rising NHS waiting lists, up to 7.54 million from the 7.21 million level when he made the pledge.
He said: "We’ve not made as much progress on cutting waiting lists as I would have liked.

"That was something that I was keen to do, and it has proved more difficult for a number of reasons, obviously recovering from a pandemic is not easy."

He faced groans and boos when he said: “I think everyone knows the impact the industrial action has had, that’s why we haven’t made as much (progress).”


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