Joe Biden has major brain fog mid-speech despite reading from teleprompter in latest gaffe

Joe Biden freezes mid-speech

Joe Biden gaffe: President has major brain fog mid-speech despite reading from teleprompter

Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 03/10/2023

- 10:54

The gaffe comes amid a huge spate of other incidents involving the octogenarian president

Joe Biden appeared to suffer a major gaffe after appearing confused over his script despite reading from a huge teleprompter.

Biden, 80, was being questioned about the bipartisan bill to keep the Government open when he appeared to lose his train of thought and freeze up.

Halting his speech, the octogenarian president stood in silence for at least five seconds in his latest gaffe.

It comes after a number of other gaffes involving the current president including a near tumble down the stairs of Air Force One and another where he walked into a flagpole.

WATCH NOW: Joe Biden freezes mid sentence during press con

A reporter asked: “Mr President, are you going to be able to trust Speaker McCarthy when the next deal comes around?”

Biden replied: “We just made one about Ukraine. So, we’ll find out.”

The reporter then followed up with: “But are you worried that he is going to be forced by fellow Republicans to back away from any deal he cuts with you?”

At this stage, the president began to answer the question, albeit slowly, before losing his train of thought mid-sentence.


Joe Biden before he froze

Joe Biden was speaking normally, albeit slowly, before stopping for a full five seconds


“I hope this experience for the Speaker has been one of a personal revelation,” Biden said before acquiring a vacant expression.

“I’m not being facetious. I — anyway —.”

In response to the moment, social media users laid into Biden.

One user wrote: “Biden looks as if he is going to croak after he suddenly lost his train of thought during a press conference at the White House.

Mitch McConnell

Biden was compared to Mitch McConnell


“The moment came after Biden said he hoped Speaker McCarthy has had a ‘personal revelation’.

“Biden then looked down with an exhale.

“There’s no way this man can last as president for another 5 years.”

Another user wrote: “I don’t think he can last a year. Please Biden retire.”

A third person said: “Honestly, how many more of these 'moments' do we need to see before someone steps in?

“Every time he steps up to the mic, I hold my breath. This is the leader of the free world?”

One more user compared Biden to Mitch McConnell who also had a “senior moment” a few weeks ago.

They said: “This looks just like McConnell a couple of weeks ago.”

However, other users took Biden’s side, with one saying: “Oh that's pretty normal.”

Another wrote: “Praying for him. He doesn’t sound good.”

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