Tories blasted by Liz Truss for ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ approach to Brexit: ‘We need to get rid of all EU laws!’

Tories blasted by Liz Truss for ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ approach to Brexit: ‘We need to get rid of all EU laws!’

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 15/04/2024

- 19:38

Liz Truss joined GB News to discuss her new book, 'Ten Years to Save the West'

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss has urged the Conservatives to "get rid of all EU laws", as she sat down with GB News presenter Nigel Farage.

In the tell-all interview, in which the former Tory leader discussed her new book 'Ten Years to Save the West', Truss said the party has been "divided" on Brexit.

Shutting down claims made by Farage that the Conservatives "don't believe in Brexit", Truss said his remarks are "not true or fair", and there are people within the party that want the "Singapore on steroids approach", like she wanted.

Truss told GB News: "Given that we've decided to leave the European Union, the consequence of that is we need to become more dynamic, more nimble, more competitive."

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak

Liz Truss has told the Tories to 'get rid' of all EU laws

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Truss told Nigel that Rishi Sunak needs to "get rid of all the EU laws straight away" and the British government needs to "get on with doing trade deals with our allies".

She added: "We've made a decision, and that has huge consequences."

In criticism of Whitehall and its approach to Brexit since leaving the European Union, Truss compared the willingness to stay within EU laws to "Stockholm Syndrome", and the UK is "stuck in being shaped by being in Europe".

Truss admitted: "It's almost like [we’re stuck in] Stockholm Syndrome… officials are constantly looking to Brussels for validation and all of that needs to change."

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives have been criticised by Liz Truss


Nigel then argued: "Didn't the Conservative Party look at it and say, this is a damage limitation exercise as opposed to a big opportunity?"


Truss responded: "Well, some people did, that is certainly true. That is certainly true of the sort of Philip Hammonds of this world and the Treasury.

"And I was in there pretty much straight up or quite close to after referendum, they absolutely saw it at that. And there were other people in the Conservative Party of that view, I'd call them the Conservative Party establishment, were of that view.

She continued: "But there was certainly others who wanted to embrace the opportunities in the Conservative Party. So the Conservative Party has been divided as to how to approach this issue.

"I thought the logic of Brexit is you have to do things differently. What is the point of leaving the European Union if you've still got all the laws on the statute books?"

Liz Truss

Liz Truss said the 'logic of Brexit is to do things differently'

GB News

Pressed on whether she regards the current Conservative Party to be truly Conservative, she said: "I'd like them to be more Conservative. They're definitely more Conservative than the Labour Party, which are desperate to kowtow to the global left, desperate to give in to the eco-extremists, desperate to have more immigration into Britain.

"But I would like to see the Conservative Party taking a stronger stance and in particular, being prepared to change the system because what I found as a minister and as Prime Minister is that too often, much of the power lay with unelected bureaucrats, and it became impossible to get things done.

"I want to see a Conservative Party that's actually prepared to challenge the status quo, prepared to challenge the system in order to deliver the conservative policies that I want to see."

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