‘Sod off to the Lib Dems’ Tory MP tells centrist colleagues

‘Sod off to the Lib Dems’ Tory MP tells centrist colleagues
Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 21/11/2023

- 11:56

A Tory MP has spoken out after MP for Ashford Damian Green claimed that ‘leaning too far to the right’ put off voters.

Speaking to Patrick Christys on GB News, Dame Andrea Jenkyns, Deputy Chair of the Brexit supporting European Research Group, said:

“This One Nation Group make up the majority of the Parliamentary party but these are the ones who didn’t want Brexit, who didn’t want Boris, who didn’t want Liz Truss, so they’re not really in tune with the British public.

“Isn’t Damian Green the one who got deselected by his own association back in February?

“I don’t think the Tory party are going far enough [to the right] actually. If you look at the group, they’ve never accepted Liz [Truss], they never accepted Boris and it’s about time that we started having policies that were in our manifesto and that speak to people.

“If you look at 2015, which is when I was elected, that was Cameron, who is back in Government, and I have said that I like Cameron, but not for this time and place.

“But back in 2015, we only won six seats off the Labour party with this One Nation type of Conservatism.

“To me, some of these policies belong with the Lib Dems.

“It was in 2019 we won all these seats off Labour so we need to go more centre-right; it’s obvious if we want to keep these seats. This is what we got elected on.

“They clearly want to obliterate the centre-right out of the party, which is why they got rid of the last two leaders

“I want to stop net zero, I want strong borders, I want strong policing like the 80s where they used to drag protestors off the streets.

“We want strong policies and Damian Green, as I said, got deselected himself but you can see it happening with other MPs or them not winning their seat if they carry on down this road of Lib Demism rather than true Conservatism, in my books.”

Responding to the question that some might say that she is a fringe radical’, she said:

“Sod off to the Lib Dems.

“We want our party back, we want Thatcherism to be at the heart of our party, we want low taxes, strong on immigration, strong on policing and let’s kick start the economy again. It should be about social mobility as well.”

Dame Andrea also agreed with the idea that the country is too afraid of offending certain elements of the British Muslim community.

“100%. When the Batley school teacher – it was ridiculous that he was having death threats and he still hasn’t gone back to school and he was hiding because he had offended certain elements of our community.

“It goes against free speech. Surely the whole point is that we should be able to debate topics.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when our school teachers fear being able to speak out.”

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