‘Khan has got to go!’ Jim Davidson lays into London Mayor after teenager stabbed to death in Croydon

‘Khan has got to go!’ Jim Davidson lays into London Mayor after teenager stabbed to death in Croydon
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 28/09/2023

- 10:15

Jim Davidson has hit out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, following the stabbing of a 15-year-old girl in Croydon and the huge backlash against him on the ULEZ expansion.

Speaking on Mark Dolan Tonight, the comedian shared his thoughts on the Labour Mayor, and if he is still in with a chance at the next mayoral election.

Dolan asked: "Do you think that Mayor Khan could be chucked out of London?"

Davidson replied: "Well, I hope he is chucked out of London because I don't think he's very good. I mean all he wants to do is just, I don't know what ideology he has, but you know there was someone murdered the other day on a bus with a knife. Again, why doesn't he sort that out rather than playing political games?

"And actually he's using this ULEZ camera just to make money. It's just to make money and to punish the poor. Rich people don't care because they've got nice cars!"

Davidson continued: "Susan Hall, she's standing against him. She's three points behind him and I think she has half a chance. She has half a chance and she said she's going to turn around this ULEZ. Now, she says she would. Will she do it? That's the thing. Will she turn it round?"

Dolan then asked: "What do you think is going to happen at the next election? Do you think the Tories are gone now?"

Davidson said: "Well, first of all, I don't like the name Tories. I always find that a bit of a racial slur, isn't it? Yeah. It's a negative, 'you Tory boy'. I think unless they get themselves together, unless they get a grip of their civil servants, unless they listen to the public, they are gonna get it up the proverbial.

"And so they need to do something and need to listen to what the public is saying. They represent us. I mean, Rishi's a nice enough bloke, but he needs to get in there and for one moment not worry about what the opposition are going to say and what his civil servants are going to say. Get out there and do it for us.

"There's a lot going on in our country at the moment. It's very, very difficult. But Mayor Khan, he's gotta go. Rishi's gotta grow a pair, and then we'll get our country back."

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