RSPB blasted for 'woke' attack as UK charities are 'indoctrinated' by the Left

RSPB blasted for 'woke' attack as UK charities are 'indoctrinated' by the Left
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 01/09/2023

- 12:10

Peter Whittle has hit out at ‘anti-Conservative’ charity workers following backlash over an image posted by animal welfare group RSPB.

The Director of the New Culture Forum and commentator Nichi Hodgson joined presenters Tom Harwood and Ellie Costello on Britain’s Newsroom to discuss the social media post, which depicted three Tory ministers including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as ‘liars’.

Peter said: “What I would say is that all of these institutions have been essentially captured - it usually does emanate from the HR department or from the marketing department, and they tend to be populated by younger people who are absolutely indoctrinated with all of this kind of ideology, because it's exactly the same.

“They all think along the same lines. It's all anti-Conservative and it's all woke.”

Whittle continued: “All of this adds up to a permanent kind of unelected opposition, you know, and that is the real problem we've got now in this country.”

Watch the discussion in full above.

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