'You've got to push back!' Richard Tice launches scathing attack on Braverman over migrant crisis

Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 26/09/2023

- 11:29

Richard Tice has hit out at Home Secretary Suella Braverman during her visit to New York, as the migrant crisis continues to surge both in the UK and Italy.

Speaking on Farage, the leader of Reform UK and GB News presenter criticised Braverman's decision to go to New York instead of tackling the migrant crisis.

Tice said: “It feels to me that this situation is getting worse and worse. It's all very well the Home Secretary being in New York, saying that it's no longer fit for purpose, this UN 51 convention. It's 50 years old, 70 years old. It's not good enough, Home Secretary.”

‘The people of Britain want to know how you and the Prime Minister are going to stop the boats. Who's going to show the leadership not only in Britain but across the whole of the European Union in order to stop the boats? Because otherwise, what's this going to look like in six months? In 12 months time?”

“How many more tens of thousands are going to come across the English Channel? How many more hundreds of thousands are going to come across the Mediterranean to Italy? Already this year, It's September, some 130,000 plus have left North Africa and have arrived in Italy very often through this island of Lampedusa, which by the way, is closer to North Africa than to Italy.”

Tice continued: “How many more are going to come over the next three months and across other routes across the Mediterranean? I'm absolutely convinced, the only way you're going to stop this is you've got to pick up and safely take back. You've got to push back. We know it works because guess what? It worked in Australia. They did it and the boats stopped coming and yes, they took a bit of flack for it. They took a bit of grief from all the lefties, you know, all the heart wrenching people, but the boats stopped, and it's actually the kind and compassionate thing to do.”

“It's the right thing to do to stop the boats. We can talk about the aftermath of all of that, but at the moment, confidence amongst the British people in the Prime Minister's pledge to stop the boats is waning. We've got demonstrations at hotel after hotel and my point of view, it's not good enough.”

Watch the monologue in full above.

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