Rachel Reeves more bothered about tax avoidance than Universal Credit fraud, says Farage

Rachel Reeves more bothered about tax avoidance than Universal Credit fraud, says Farage
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 11/04/2024

- 06:54

Nigel Farage has questioned how many more Bulgarian criminal gangs are operating in the UK after it was revealed one gang stole over £50 million from the UK taxpayer.

Speaking on GB News, Nigel Farage said: “I remember a week before Bulgaria had total open borders to the United Kingdom, I went to Bulgaria and I met a priest who ran an orphanage. He really was the most remarkable man doing the most incredible job with these young children.

“I said to him, from next week, anybody can just come and live in the United Kingdom. Do you think many people would come? ‘Oh yes’, he said, ‘they’re bound to. Most of this country's very, very poor. You are comparatively very, very rich.’

“I said, ‘What type of people will come?’

“’Ah, that's easy’, the priest said. ‘You will get the best of Bulgarians. You will get our doctors, you will get our lawyers, you will get our accountants. But also, you'll get the worst. But also, you will get the worst of Bulgarians. Because for the criminal gangs, London and the rest of the UK are much richer pickings.’ Well, the story that's broken overnight is quite extraordinary in many ways is that a handful of Bulgarians have managed to claim £50 million fraudulently in claims for Universal Credit.

“They've been using either real people's names or hijacked identities and claiming Universal Credit all over the country. They ripped off British taxpayer to the tune of 50 million quid.

“Now this gang has been caught and they’ll be sentenced at the end of May. But you have to ask yourself how many other gangs like this are out there, ripping people off?

“It brings me back to Rachel Reeves who seems more bothered with cracking down on legal tax avoidance than she does on cracking down on things like universal credit fraud.

“A really truly, truly awful story. I just get the horrible feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.”


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