Priti Patel lashes out at 'Brexit-bashing, free speech deniers at BBC' as she lauds GB News

Priti Patel lashes out at 'Brexit-bashing, free speech deniers at BBC' as she lauds GB News

Priti Patel launched a passionate defence of GB News

GB News
Millie Cooke

By Millie Cooke

Published: 01/10/2023

- 21:10

Updated: 01/10/2023

- 21:40

The former Home Secretary was speaking at a gala dinner at the Conservative Party Conference

Former Home Secretary Priti Patel let rip at the "Tory hating Brexit-bashers, free speech deniers at the BBC and the so-called mainstream media" as she launched a passionate defence of GB News.

Speaking at the Conservative Democratic Organisation's gala dinner, Patel praised The People's Channel as "the newest, most successful, dynamic, no nonsense news station, and the defenders of free speech"

In an address to Conservative Party members that pulled no punches, she added: "This isn’t breaking news but I think it’s safe to say our country needed a new disruptor when it came to news media."

She continued: "You have represented people outside of Westminster and the metropolitan elite, providing competition and a real alternative to mainstream news, ultimately, is what the people want."

Priti Patel

Priti Patel was speaking at an event organised by the Conservative Democratic Organisation

GB News

Demanding a shift change from the Conservative Party to protect free-speech and conservative principles, she demanded the party promote a "radical tax-cutting, enterprise-backing, small-State, Freedom-embracing government".

The CDO was founded in 2022 by Johnson-backer Lord Peter Cruddas after the removal of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.

It is made up of right-wing party members, backed by influential Conservatives such as Priti Patel.

Patel told guests at the dinner: "We must offer them full-blooded Conservatism.

"A Conservative manifesto that has our values of Freedom, Enterprise and Opportunity at its heart.

"A manifesto that gives families and businesses the economic freedoms that they care by cutting taxes, reducing red tape, and making the most of the freedoms we now have outside of the European Union.

"Our next manifesto must commit to rolling back the frontiers of the State by reforming public services so they are more efficient and effective, bring down the burden of State spending – the weight of which is making our country sink, and empower communities over planning and development.


Patel demanded the party promote a "radical tax-cutting, enterprise-backing, small-State, Freedom-embracing government".


"We need a manifesto that tackles climate change and Net Zero by focusing on technology not taxation, and on supporting innovation and enterprise rather than regulation and targets."

She added: "Our next manifesto must defend our Freedoms to think, to speak and to hold beliefs – without facing the fear of censure or persecution.

"We should never be ashamed of promoting a radical tax-cutting, enterprise-backing, small-State, Freedom-embracing government.

"We know that is what’s best for our country’s future success and prosperity, and we know it is an approach that inspires and motivates the country."

On Saturday, leaked messages obtained by Sky News, show significant hostility towards Rishi Sunak from CDO members, with many showing little hope of an election victory next year.

The grassroots Conservatives called for Sunak to be ousted, leaked messages have shown, threatening to "go to war" with the Liberal wing of the party, on the eve of Sunak's first party conference.


One message read: "It's time to go to war … unfortunately it's with the liberals in our party. Needs to be done we need the party back."

The activist added: "Listening to my local party's WhatsApp broadcast it's like the last days of Rome… carrying on with the same old policies that have lost year after year.

"Ignoring actual Conservatives and a Conservative message… preferring to appear liberal to appease the middle class liberal climate guilt voters…

"Personally I can't see past the cowardice…. I'm pretty sure that's all the public see too."

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