Non-dom tax change is a 'humiliating U-turn' by Government says Shadow Treasury Secretary

Non-dom tax change is a 'humiliating U-turn' by Government says Shadow Treasury Secretary
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 06/03/2024

- 18:08

The Budget announcement about the abolition of the tax regime for non-UK domiciled individuals marks a “humiliating U-turn” by the Government, according to Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Darren Jones told GB News: “We kind of anticipated it, but it’s a humiliating U-turn for the Conservatives who until yesterday were saying that Labour's plans were either non-existent or ineffective. And now today, they've adopted them.

“The fact that Conservative Party is so bereft of ideas that it had to look to us to come up with the proposals is quite something.

“The fact of the matter is Keir Starmer said in the House of Commons today is that if the Conservatives had adopted our policy on the non-dom tax loophole years ago when we first raised it, they could have had billions of pounds of extra money going into schools and hospitals, in the way that we intended to spend that money.

“But they've chosen to leave it right to the last minute as a pre-election gimmick and have missed the opportunity.”

Speaking to Martin Daubney, he continued: “After 14 years of the Conservatives, it is the worst it's been since the Second World War. If my party wins the election this year, which of course we hope to, our economic inheritance will be the worst any party has inherited since wartime.

“That means that it's going to be hard. There'll be difficult decisions, difficult trade offs, it will take time to turn around. But judge us on our plans and our proposals for the country and compare that to the 14 years of failure from the Conservatives and the chaos and instability…

“I think that's why people across the country are looking at their politics and saying it's time for change.”

He added: “The Conservatives have increased the tax burden to the highest it has been in 70 years. The Scottish Nationalists are doing the same in Scotland.

“It’s only the Labour Party that's calling for the tax burden to come down on working people and it's a bit rich for the Conservatives to say today that they're cutting taxes, when if you look at the forecasts from the Office of Budget Responsibility, the tax burden is going up each and every year for the next five years.”


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