‘Keep going!’ Lord Mandelson backs GB News as he interrupts live show

‘Keep going!’ Lord Mandelson backs GB News as he interrupts live show

GB News broadcast is interrupted by Lord Peter Mandelson

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 10/10/2023

- 11:36

Lord Mandelson said GB News is 'stirring the pot' within the Conservative Party

Lord Peter Mandelson shocked GB News presenter Andrew Pierce, as he made a surprise appearance on the show.

Broadcasting live from the Labour Party conference in Liverpool, Lord Mandelson approached the GB News booth where Andrew was speaking to Political Editor Christopher Hope and former Labour Councillor Kevin Craig.

Christopher Hope spotted Lord Mandelson as he pointed out to Andrew: "There's a man behind you who should come on the show, Peter Mandelson."

Andrew asked Mandelson "are you going to come on?", to which the Labour peer replied "what are you talking about?"

Lord Peter Mandelson appears on GB News

Lord Peter Mandelson made a surprise appearance on Britain's Newsroom

GB News

Craig said: "We're talking about the future Labour government, the wonderful Labour government and what it's going to offer the country."

Andrew revealed to his panel: "Peter and I go back many, many years. How are you my Lord?"

Lord Mandelson then listed the five Labour missions: "Restart the economy. Unlock, keep green energy, get the NHS back on it's feet, safer streets, unlock educational opportunities. Save the streets."

Christopher then asked: "When I last interviewed you for my podcast, you said you miss Government every single day. Do you think this party misses it every single day?"

Mandelson replied: "I think the bulk of it miss Government every single day. There's a still that sort of small minority who prefer to be protesting in the streets. But my word are they a very small minority now."

Andrew then asked Mandelson about the current Labour conference in comparison to past conferences: "You and I have been going to Labour conferences for more years than we care to remember. Does this feel to you more like a 91 conference when Kinnock didn't make it? Or does it feel like 96 when Blair went on?"

Mandelson answered: "Certainly not 91, 92, nothing like it. Two reasons, in 92 Labour wasn't ready. We hadn't changed enough. We hadn't won back people's confidence.

"Also in 92, the Conservatives were still a fairly united fighting force under John Major. Chris Patten was the party chair who was running a pretty good machine. He had a cabinet who was still hungry for power."

Kevin Craig and Christopher Hope appear on GB News

Kevin Craig and Christopher Hope were enthused by Lord Mandelson's appearance

GB News

Mandelson continued: "Not now, not with these people, with Rishi Sunak. So they're all like three different parties fighting each other as if they're already in opposition.

"I mean, you've got the centre right Conservative Party, which you associate with David Cameron. You've got the right wing which is headed up by Rishi Sunak.

"And then you've got the further right Conservative Party, sort of trumpeted and supported by GB News.

"I want GB News to keep going. They're stirring the pot, they're creating divisions in the Conservative Party. They're undoing the Conservative Party. And very, very timely it is too."

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