Furious Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle kicks Tory MP out of the House of Commons during PMQs: 'I'm not having it!'

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 24/05/2023

- 11:27

Updated: 24/05/2023

- 11:28

House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle ordered a Conservative MP to leave the House of Commons at PMQs this afternoon.

Angry at his heckling from the sides, the Speaker demanded Peterborough representative Paul Bristow leave the chamber.

The instruction came while Sir Keir Starmer was asking Prime Minister Rishi Sunak a question about immigration.

Interrupting the Labour leader, the Speaker said: "Order, order. Mr Bristow, I think you're going to be leaving.

"I'm asking you to leave now."

He added: "I'm not having it and I've warned you before. It's the same people."

Labour MPs jeered and mocked the Tory MP as he left the Commons, with proceedings not resuming until after he had started to leave.

Watch the full video of the moment the Speaker took action above.

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