Minister attacks Labour’s 'mother of all U-turns' on green investment pledge

Minister attacks Labour’s 'mother of all U-turns' on green investment pledge
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 09/02/2024

- 09:22

Science Minister Andrew Griffith has described Labour’s watering down of its pledge on investment in green energy projects as the “colossal mother of all U-turns”.

He told GB News: “The truth is, it's a colossal-U turn. It shows what we've been saying for a long time, which is, they have no plan. You can't afford to go back to square one with Starmer and we have a plan.

“I’m here as Science Minister today because we're celebrating one year of a highly focused department that's turning the UK into a science and technology superpower, investing in the technologies that are not just going to build jobs and build the economy, but also things like as we saw with the vaccine that are going to improve people's lives.

“We've got a plan. Starmer doesn't have a plan, and this is the most colossal mother of all U-turns, but we still think he's going to be putting up your taxes.”

In a discussion with Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon, he went on: “We've all had to make tough choices as a country and some of that has been felt on individuals, but that plan is working.

“The choice at the next election will be you stick with that plan that's delivered a halving of inflation that’s seen our economy grow faster than the economies of major countries in Europe like Germany, or you roll the dice, you go back to square one.

“As we saw yesterday, not only do they not have a plan, but they're at sixes and sevens about the cost of some of these measures and what we know is that ordinary people will pay the price for that in their taxes.”

He added: ”We've added over 200,000 jobs in these new science and technology industries, well paid, high-skilled, high-paying jobs, but also apprenticeships to give everybody wherever their background the chance to get on the ladder.

“Most of that growth is outside London and the south-east, that's the fastest growing parts of our science and technology community.”


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