Labour MP Nick Thomas-Symonds: ‘He just needs to get on with it and call an election'

Labour MP Nick Thomas-Symonds: ‘He just needs to get on with it and call an election'
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 12/02/2024

- 11:36

Updated: 12/02/2024

- 11:36

PM Rishi Sunak will appear on GB News tonight for the People's Forum

Labour MP Nick Thomas-Symonds has urged Rishi Sunak to ‘get the verdict of the people on his premiership’ by calling a general election.

Ahead of tonight's People's Forum, which will see the PM answer voter questions from 8pm, the Shadow Minister without Portfolio told GB News: “I think he may have fired the starting gun some time ago, but I hope certainly that it indicates that we get a general election as soon as possible.

“I hope they'll be the chance this evening to ask him to name even a single public service that's got better and is in a better state since the Tories found it in 2010. I hope the Prime Minister does call a general election and gets the verdict of the people on his premiership.That's what he should do. It's in his power. He controls the date. My message to him is to get on with it.”

Discussing the recent comments made by Labour candidate Azhar Ali, Mr Thomas-Symonds responded: “I was completely appalled by the comments when I learned of them.

“They are completely wrong. They are totally unacceptable and they do not represent the views of the Labour Party.

“Councillor Ali has apologised and unreservedly retracted those comments. And crucially he understands the gravity and the scale of the offence that's been caused. and wishes to take on what is a highly significant mountainous task of trying to rebuild trust with the Jewish community.

“I also listen though to what very respected colleagues like Dame Louise Ellman have said in that Councillor Ali has a history of standing with her against anti semitic attacks and that this is out of character and will now go on to try to rebuild trust with the Jewish community. And it's on that basis that he will be our candidate in the by-election in two weeks time on the 29th of February.”

Discussing the plans from the Conservative Party for water company bosses in England and Wales to face bonus bans for illegal sewage discharges, Thomas-Symonds added: “I think it's welcome that they've adopted our policy on this.

I think Labour is making the political weather and of course, I'm pleased to see that, but this is an extraordinarily serious matter.

“I think the government could go still further. We need that. For example, where there are executives who are persistently involved in the very worst breaches, there should, in our view, be criminal sanctions.

“We do also need to have that really strong regime and every single outlet being appropriately monitored for pollution. So yes, it is welcome that they've adopted our policy, but they could go further.”


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