Christopher Hope spots awkward spelling mistake in Labour's Election manifesto

Christopher Hope

Christopher Hope spotted an awkward blunder for Labour

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By GB News Reporter

Published: 13/06/2024

- 14:11

GB News Politics Editor Christopher Hope went through the Labour manifesto as they released their pledges for the country

Labour released their manifesto for the 2024 General Election today and our eagle eyed Politics Editor noted something a little awkward for Starmer.

In a faux pas for the Labour party, the manifesto had a rather awkward spelling error.

Christopher Hope highlighted the error saying: "More spelling lessons in schools if Labour win the election?"

Labour's election manifesto

Labour's election manifesto

GB News

Sir Keir Starmer today said Labour had a plan to turn the country around after 14 years of Tory “chaos” but cautioned that there would be “no quick fix” if he is handed the keys to No 10 by voters on July 4.

Launching a manifesto which contained no new policy announcements, Sir Keir denied he was being overly cautious in his efforts to put his party back in power for the first time since 2010.

Repeatedly stressing how he had changed Labour since taking over from Jeremy Corbyn, Sir Keir said he was now offering a “serious plan for the future of our country”.

The manifesto focused on a goal of generating economic growth and making Labour the “party of wealth creation”.

But Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the Labour plan would result in “the highest taxes in history”.

Sir Keir warned that there was no “magic wand” and the problems an incoming Labour administration would inherit will not “disappear overnight”.

He said: “We must rebuild our country. It will not be easy. Not only because there is no quick fix to the mess the Conservatives have made.

“But also, because their failures have sapped our collective confidence that Britain can still achieve great things.”

Sir Keir rejected that defeatism, insisting that there was a brighter future: “A new Britain, where wealth is created in every community.”

But he said too many communities were currently “disregarded as sources of dynamism” due to “the toxic idea that economic growth is something that the few hand down to the many”.

“Today, we turn the page on that forever.”

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