Keir Starmer blasted by Tory MP for 'disingenuous' remarks on patriotism: 'He doesn't believe in our great country!'

Keir Starmer blasted by Tory MP for 'disingenuous' remarks on patriotism: 'He doesn't believe in our great country!'

WATCH NOW: Dame Andrea Jenkyns fumes over suggestions the Labour Party are patriotic

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 21/04/2024

- 16:12

Keir Starmer claims that Labour is now the 'patriotic party' of Britain

Conservative MP Dame Andrea Jenkyns has slammed Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer, after he claimed that the party are the "patriotic" political group of the country.

This follows Starmer's scathing piece in the Sunday Telegraph, in which he said the Conservatives have "denigrated some of our proudest national institutions".

He added that Rishi Sunak's party has "lost any right to call themselves a patriotic party" and they "don’t care if division weakens our nation if it strengthens their grip on power".

Praising Labour's patriotism, Starmer claimed he "won’t let the Tories chip away at our boldness and confidence", and vowed to have "no time for those who flinch at displaying our flag".

Keir Starmer and Dame Andrea Jenkyns

Dame Andrea Jenkyns hit out at Keir Starmer's comments about the Tories

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Reacting to Starmer's comments, Jenkyns criticised the Labour lead for his "disingenuous" remarks, stating: "Let's not forget, he's the one who tried to stop Brexit."

Jenkyns fumed: "I was there in Parliament. He was in the opposition voting lobbies trying to collude to stop Brexit."

Speaking to GB News reporter Anna Riley in her constituency of Morley, Jenkyns was infuriated by Starmer's comments about the Conservative Party.

Jenkyns told GB News: "This is a guy who does not believe in the patriotism of our great country.

Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer said


"And it's not the Conservative Party who actually has had councillors who are having a go at people who fly the Saint George's flag. It's actually councillors from the Labour Party. Let's not forget Emily Thornberry"


When asked for her thoughts on Starmer's claims that the Tories have "denigrated national institutions" in Britain, Jenkyns responded: "Well he wasn't a fan of our previous Queen, from what I understand.

"And he backed Corbyn, who was no friend of Britain. He was trying to get Corbyn into Number 10.

"So I think slippery Starmer is not 'what you see is what you get'. The Labour Party are not the party of Great Britain. Definitely not."

Jenkyns also praised her town of Morley for being the most "patriotic town in England", as the community celebrates their annual St George's Day event today.

Dame Andrea Jenkyns

Dame Andrea Jenkyns says Keir Starmer is 'the one who didn't want Brexit'

GB News

Following the procession through the town, Jenkyns said of the event: "It's our wonderful annual event and it really brings the community together, young and old, including schoolchildren.

"Even the BBC said it's the most patriotic town in Britain, and it certainly is.

"And it's a way to bring the community together and and celebrate being English. And I think that's wonderful."

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