Jacob Rees Mogg explains EXACTLY why Sunak's goose is cooked...

Jacob Rees Mogg explains EXACTLY why Sunak's goose is cooked...
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Published: 08/12/2023

- 09:57

Slim chance of Rwanda deportations before the next election: Jacob Rees-Mogg

THERE is a slim chance of illegal migrants being deported to Rwanda before the next election, meaning that the Prime Minister’s future looks precarious, according to Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The GB News presenter and former business secretary said: “The current public divisions will encourage their lordships to block it when it gets to the Lords but even if it passes in the Lord's and gets royal assent. Individual appeals will take time, making the date for flights taking off seem remote.

“Thus, the prospect of people going to Rwanda before an election is looking slim. Indeed, does this mean in a rather Christmassy sense that the Prime Minister's goose is cooked?”

He continued: “We need a bit of time, and the bill as drafted certainly has some virtues. It effectively reverses the Supreme Court decision. It properly asserts democratic sovereignty against judicial supremacy.

“It is to my mind an elegant constitutional bill, which asserts the rights of parliament over foreign external institutions. But can the bill pass and if it did, would it work?”

“The Labour Party, our socialist friends, say that they will vote against the bill, but if only about 30 Tory MPs join them as they did on the infected blood scandal last week, that would stop it.”

He added: “Can the Prime Minister turn himself to Hercules? For he certainly seems to be facing a Hydra. Every time he cuts off a head, another two seem to grow.”

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