'Disgusting!' Emily Carver rips former Labour MP apart as he claims Hamas attack was 'inevitable'

'Disgusting!' Emily Carver rips former Labour MP apart as he claims Hamas attack was 'inevitable'

WATCH NOW: Emily Carver clashes with former Labour MP over Hamas comments

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 14/02/2024

- 16:28

Updated: 14/02/2024

- 16:28

Labour is mired in another antisemitism row

GB News host Emily Carver has condemned a former Labour MP's comments on Hamas during a heated row over the party's growing antisemitism allegations.

This comes as Azhar Ali was suspended from the party and from standing as a candidate in Rochdale's by-election after claiming Israel "allowed" the Hamas attacks on October 7 last year to take place.

Following the backlash against Ali, former Labour MP Graham Jones has been suspended and another Labour councillor has been "spoken to" by officials after reportedly making antisemitic remarks at a meeting in Rochdale.

Jones is alleged to have said that Britons who volunteer to fight for Israel "should be locked up". He was suspended from the party pending an investigation on Tuesday.

Emily Carver and Chris Williamson

Host Emily Carver slammed Williamson's claims that Hamas's attack was 'inevitable'

GB News

Reacting to the storm brewing within the party, former MP Chris Williamson sparked outrage on GB News as he claimed Labour is "yielding to pressure from the Zionist movement".

Speaking on the Israel-Hamas conflict, host Emily Carver was left asking "where is the disgust?" as he failed to air his views on the crimes committed by the terrorist organisation.

Williamson claimed: "Well, the accusations of rape are false. The accusations of beheading babies are also false, and there's no evidence whatsoever. And indeed, some of the some of the people that made those accusations have have subsequently withdrawn them."

Emily shut down his claims, blasting: "That's absolutely nonsense!"

Williamson responded: "Palestinian resistance is an inevitable response to 75 years of Israeli oppression. Israel was created out of terrorism and out of a social cleansing exercise where three quarters of a million Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes and have been subsequently unable to go back."

Emily hit back at the former Labour MP, raging: "That is just a disgusting thing to say. So what Hamas did is justified in your view?

"That's just despicable - innocent Israeli people going about their daily life are being brutally slaughtered by a terrorist organisation prescribed in this country and many, many other countries around the world."

Emily Carver Tom Harwood

Emily Carver and Tom Harwood were left visibly shocked by Williamson's comments on the Israel-Hamas war

GB News

Williamson argued: "It's not despicable, it's a fact! It's not just Hamas of course, there's the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

"There's a range of different Palestinian resistance groups who have come together and inevitably in every situation where you have oppression, particularly we have the settler colonial scenario that we see in in Palestine right now, there is going to be a reaction, and we've had 75 years of this oppression."

Host Tom Harwood then responded: "We're talking about women who have examples of evidence of rape, which you deny. We're talking about so much slaughter, people paragliding into music festivals and killing people. How on earth is that resistance?"

Williamson claimed: "Many of the people that were killed on October 7 were actually killed by the Israeli occupation forces. This has been actually reported in the Israeli media. It's not just me saying this now and making things up.

"This is something which was, as I've said, reported in the Israeli media. So many of those people, those charred bodies were as a direct consequence of Israeli airstrikes and Israeli testing."

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